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250 Hyosung problems.

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. I am considering buying a 2010 Hyosung GV 250 Aquila,
    Could you please list all the problems that have happened with these bikes.
    I dont want hearsay or imaginary or personal thoughts about them, But actual problems that have happened or occured or problems that they are prone too, during their normal running life, Say up to 30,000 Klm's.
    I want to find out, Just how reliable they are or aren't.
    Thank you for your assistance,

  2. try korider.com ( i think )
  3. i would say parts would be your biggest problem, if it ever needed it, and not many accessories to go with it, this for yourself brian?
  4. Korean riders,
    Thanks Mate,
  5. No. I ride a BLACKBIRD, Hahahahahahaha.
    Its for my G/F. It comes with a two year unconditional warranty, $6000-00 Ride away is not a Bad deal for a brand new Lams bike, She likes it and it fits her nicely. Its Supposed to do 130 top end, so she can sit on the speed limit OK, With out ringing its neck, She lives in the country so highway speeds are a must.
  6. The 250 cruiser is probably the most reliable of all the Hyosungs. They don't seem to suffer from any of the problems that the other have, even when the 250's were breaking there cranks the crusier seemed immune.

    Your main problem with a new one will be having to deal with Hyosung Australia.

    If you want the low down on the good and bad vist korider.com
  7. these are new efi engines to
  8. 2nd Year of EfI, So they should have sorted any problems with that by now. Fingers crossed,

  9. www.hyosungsource.com for all your parts, even with postage it's cheaper or similar to the shops here (mostly cheaper).

    I have ordered brake pads, clutch cable, air filters etc, usually received with a week.
  10. Broken clutch cables x 3
    Chain and sprockets wear out
    Low service intervals
    Hard to get parts

    There ya go, 38,000kms of problems, pretty minor really.
  11. Broken clutch cables can be made up locally and cheaply.
    With EFI, They stay in tune, Unlike Carbys. The service can be done at home, oil filters Fluids Etc,
    If they dont break down, you dont need parts,
    I ride hard and just put in a new chain, 36,000 klms,on my Bird, A chain would probably last her a life time as she wont be riding it hard,

    2 year unlimited warranty for a new bike, $6000-00 ride away. Sounds like a very good deal to me,

    Thanks for the info, Thats what I was looking for,

    Why do your clutch cables break, ???????????

  12. The clutch cables break because they are shit, once you get one made up by someone else that problem seems to go away, filters for the 250 are from something else I can't remember what but it does mean that you don't have to pay the Hyo Aus premium.

    The new EFI system is having problems, mainly because the dealers haven't worked out the standard fixes yet.
  13. Clutch cable = $20 replacement. Cheap and easy to do, I kept a spare in my boot.

    My chains got repalced every 10,000kms or so, sprockets at 20,000kms.

    Get filters from Kymco etc.

    I know SFA about the EFI.
  14. OH and get some new tyres ASAP, if they are still putting on the Shinko's. They are crap.
  15. bridgestones now iirc. and yes shinkos are crap.
  16. not all shinkos are crap.

    ive had good shinko's ive also had shit dunlops and misc'shy
  17. These shinkos were CRAP. Bloody hell I don't know how I survived a full winter of commuting on them.
  18. EFI is electronicly controlled by an onboard computer, its set by the factory, You should get years of trouble free riding as long as nothing goes wrong with the computer, The dealer for Hyosung here is a Harley shop, Take it to a Honda dealer. they fix the computers all the time so they know what they are doing if any thing goes wrong with it,
    Its called an ECU, They plug in a lap top to it to reset it. Computers are basically the same thing in all bikes, But there are mechanics and then there are mechanics, Hahahahahahaha Harley mechanics dont like working on anything that isnt Harley.
  20. If she'll be doing country / hwy speed riding, would it be worth considering the 650 instead?

    Not sure what the dfrnce is in price though, perhaps that is a consideration.