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250 Hornet troubles

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by blackhornet, May 11, 2014.

  1. Hey there guys,

    I am looking at replacing the right hand side engine cover (where the dip stick is) on the 1996 mc14 engine as she has a few scratches. I was wondering since they are basically cbr250 engines would a cbr engine cover fit on this bike?

  2. From everything I've come across when researching about my Hornet on the net, I haven't found any reason that suggests that a crankcase cover from a CBR250 or later won't fit onto a Hornet 250 for the exact reason you mentioned.

    In my part guide for a 1996 Hornet 250, the part# for the cover is 11330-KEA-305. The part for a CBR250RR is 11394-KBH-900, but there only appears to be a cosmetic difference. The gasket, (11394-KBH-900), is the same between models so one would assume again that the covers will fit across models.

    Just for reference, here's the Hornet 250 cover, (couldn't find a pic of it on the net):
    Hornet crankcase cover.
    Compared to the CBR250RR one: http://www.cmsnl.com/honda-cbr250rrn-mc22-japan_model14666/partslist/E04.html#results

    So yeah, hope my long answer answered your simple question :)
  3. According to some internet digging I believe all cbr engines (mainly 90s models) and any off shoots such as the vtr and hornet 250 etc have the same bottom end (with a few modifications over the years) beginning with mc14 so I am almost positive that they will fit. Even the gasket u buy is the exact same for the hornet and cbr so it would make sense.

    Thanks for the help