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250 Hornet go-fast bits....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by SCR3WD, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. hey guys, not sure if this is the right section to be asking this question but here it goes anyways...

    i read some one on here telling another member that if you change the rear sprocket on the 600 hornet to a 44 tooth jobbie that it makes a huge difference in acceleration, is this true for the 250 too? i really have no need for a huge top speed - i'd rather a faster take off and just wanted to know if this can be done.

    also while i have you're all reading, do filters and exhausts really make that much difference on a 250 or am i better saving that stuff for when i get my R1?

    thanks for help!

  2. I have a 600 Hornet and I went from a 42 tooth rear to a 45 tooth.
    The difference is amazing!
    You will need to consider a bicycle computer to give you accurate speed, as your gearing will now be out.
    Don't spend too much on the 250 (however hard that may seem at the moment!). Just save for a 600cc or higher! :cool:
    Daz. :wink:
  3. hey top bike , had one myself. they buzz at 100kph already if you go bigger rear it will make it rev harder at speed. i wouldnt spend the money but save it for a bigger bike, 600 or bigger. i gave my friend his first ride on my 1000 blade, he rides a 250rr and thought it fairly powerful but was astounded at the power of a big bike and cant wait to upgrade
  4. hey guys thanks for the replies... i've ridden an R1 and thats the bike i am buying once off restrictions, however, the hornet will have a place in my shed for a long time as my missus is going to get her bike licence too so i thought i could maybe throw a few bits on it to help her keep up somewhat..... a few cosmetic bits like twin headlights, bellypan, and clear indicators but just wasn't so sure about the mechanical stuff.
  5. if it's going to be a permenant family member for a while then I say yeah go for it.
    Any increase on the rear sprocket size will add to acceleration.
  6. gidday SCR3WD

    on my vtr 250 i went from stock exhaust to a megacycle
    and yes on a 2fiddy it does make a big difference
    my bike is in the shop today and i am riding a stock 06 vtr 250 and their is a big power range difference more gradual increase in power but less of it not instant like my bike plus no sound :(
    hope this helps you

  7. go 1 or 2 down in the front sprocket. it's cheaper, has more effect and probably won't need a new chain.