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250 Hornet fork Mod - is it possible - or even required

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by StabbyTMP, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Well, first of all I must say reading peoples tips and techniques on this forum has been very valuable, and I am thoroughly impressed with the wealth of knowledge found here.

    -- back story --
    I am a newbie rider, have held L permit for 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process thus far, with no spills yet (touch wood).
    I am a classic Vespa (vbb150cc) owner who is looking for something with a little more grunt, and that might actually allow me to use the freeways - my lil scoot will only hit around 70kmh (on a good day with little wind) but hey they weren't designed to be rockets :p

    And I am looking at purchasing a new ride - Honda Hornet 250 - mainly for its frame size - as I am around 6'4" and feel that the riding position will be comfortable that I've sat in yet, a friend owns an RGV and it feels like Im sitting on a playing card.


    -- cut to the chase --
    I am curious if it would be possible to drop in a set of forks/ front end from a 600 hornet of the same era, as they supposedly have the same frame, the reason for doing this would be the added stopping power of an additional disk.

    Is there an easier way?

    Has anyone done this here before?
    -I've tried googling on a couple of variants of the same question to no avail.

    Should I even bother?

    And either than light coloured/reflective protective gear, would there be anything else that one might suggest to improve safety and driver awareness.
  2. Doubt u need it. Only thing a 2nd disc will do is enable u to do stopies at will.
    As a rule anything can be made to fit with some enginering.
    Maybe try the hornet forums, at the least u can get some measurements of them.

    But buy the bike first doubt ull need it
  3. It's the same frame, but the 250 Hornet is significantly lighter than the 600 (149 kg vs 176kg) and I've never heard of anyone complaining about the stopping power of the single disc.

    Here's the Hornet Bible, anyway http://www.hondahornet.co.uk/
  4. you could probably go to a CBR250 or NSR front end.... :roll:
  5. Interesting question. You quite possibly could.

    It wouldn't be cheap though, and Hornet 250s are fcuking expensive as it is. If I was you I'd get the bike, ride it around a bit, then plonk a $15 bottle of heavy fork oil in and see if that didn't make for a fine feeling bike.

    I mean, let's face it, you're coming off a vespa, the braking, turning and acceleration of the hornet will all be pretty impressive to you after that.
  6. Twin disc would be a waste of time, if you're really concerned about braking performance you'd be better off just fitting some more aggressive pads and possibly also braided lines.
    Of course if you're looking at the Hornet don't forget to check out the 250 Bandit as well - just as big but usually cheaper to buy and much easier to find parts for (since unlike the Hornet they were sold here officially).
  7. :WStupid:
    Fitted Braided lines to mine a while ago .. def improvement in lever ( feel). As for the stopping power, I feel the original single disc is more than sufficient for a 250.
  8. Thanks for the replies, from the advice provided, I'm thinking that the braided lines & new pads might be the go.

    I should be looking at the bike this coming weekend, unless the weather turns and starts pissing down. At any rate too many deadlines situated in the early week to consider it sooner.

    As the scoot's brakes are cable driven they are spongy at the best of times, which is a little annoying, so anything that is going to provide the tactile feedback to help me feel like I'm stopping whilst also helping me stop will be a welcome change. Also the braided lines and pads certainly will be less drama to fit.
  9. first thing to do would be change the brake fluid...a bottle of brake fluid is maybe $15 - $20, it should be done every 12 months or so anyway. When I changed the fluid in my Blackbird the difference in brake performance was incredible...much better braking, feedback and feel through the lever.

    I had a Hornet 250 myself, an awesome bike if you are a tall bloke, I did a happy 30,000 odd kays on mine before i sold it, make sure you service it religiously every 5000k's, use good oil (I used motul 5100) and she will serve you well for years!

  10. first - awesome bike choice!

    Second, I know some guys from the website that Paul posted (www.hondahornet.co.uk) have swapped the front end of their 600 Hornet with that from a CBR600RR. so it's probably quite doable on the 250.

    But really, with my 600 & braided brake lines & some new fork oil, mine feels FINE when I stop. i'd give that a try first before changing your whole front end.