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-250-Front Tyre Recomendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by es, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. My front tyre is desperate for a replacment. Ive been putting it off for too long but now Im going to be rich (haha) Im going to get some fitted by bob jayne asap!

    So what I need to know is, what tyre should I go for? Ive been told dunlop and I think thats what I have on my back (not sure)... but whats the general consensus?

    Also looking for advice on breaking them in, how careful (and in what situations) do I need to be with a new front?
  2. oh and I know someonewho works for bob jane, think I can get a further discount ;) (am a netrider member so taking advantage of the 10%)
  3. hit it with a bit of p 600 or so before you put it on.. or while its on the balancing supports. then with a bit of metho.

    aside from that.. send me your old one.. its has to be better then mine
  4. Im bit sceptical that it could be better than yours :p
    I think mine is past legal :oops:
  5. Dunlop gpr80's not as grippy as gpr70's but last longer, never had any slides or anything like that on my zxr with them and lasted around 10000kms...not too sure how many km's the guy who had the bike before me had done.
    Get used to the new profile first, I assume your old tyre is squared off so a new tyre will want to turn in alot faster.
    To run it in just keep leaning the bike over more and more, but you should still keep a patch that is worn always on road aswell or you might get a nice big slide :shock:
  6. mine is legal... just very hard.. i think it is the original still :shock:

    you get that shudder in the front as it skips accross the corner when your using a bit of the bikes potential
  7. it kind of feels like there is something else wrong with it.... like the tyre seems to slip when I try to brake and it is.... bouncy? like its over inflated.

    I guess I should really check my brake pads too.
  8. hahah yeah.

    what psi are you running? when was your last tyre change? or how long have you had the bike
  9. leo, as I said, the front tyre is desperate for replacment and Im fairly sure all the problems are just because of this old tyre.
  10. it's a good idea to run the same tyre on the front and back (i think)...
  11. i think rubber tyres are generally better than the wooden, concrete and steel alternatives.
  12. Dunlop GPR's (70 or 80 series) are overkill. To give you some idea, I'm lucky to get 3000 km's out of the 70's before they're squared off. If you live on the great ocean road then they'd be great, but most normal (and spirited) riding will square them off in no time. If anything, the gpr80 will be WAY more than adequate when it comes to grip.

    I used to have Bridgestone Battleaxe tyres on my 250 (can't remeber the model sorry!). Great grip, good milage, good price, and best of all a mean looking tread pattern!
  13. coco, yeah Ive heard that too, I went with wooden for a little becuase of $ restraints, but I got a puncture from a nail and an over enthusiastic builder.
    So I tried plastic, but then 45C weather came along...
    Steel was too slippery, and concrete was just too heavy for my poor little frame... So yeah, Im giving rubber a shot this time.
  14. GPR 70's aren't overkill if you happen to do alot of scratching, imo they are the best tyre for 250's around. Grippy, not too expensive and reasonably long lasting. I got 5000kms out of a front tyre back in the days that i had my 2 fiddy. The grip they provide is extremely consistent and highly dependable, there are the main reasons why they are the 250 production racing tyre of choice.
    But if you happen to square a tyre off like that then GPR 80's are all you need. The profile of the tyre is more suited to general usage and it won't go square as easily as the 70 because of it's slightly harder compound. That said, they are just as reliable and consistent in the grip department and are cheaper to boot.
    I used to have a set on my SZR660 and was really impressed by them after having had only GPR 50's and 70's on my previous 'small' bike.
    The fact that i used to work for the Dunlop distributor doesn't make me biased at all, i have always loved Dunlops on the little bikes! :cool:
    But the actual looks of a tyre aren't as important as performance, hopefully vanity hasn't extended this far into the world of motorcycles. :?
  15. GRP-70's are great, i have them on my bike and have done almost 8000kms of weekend twisties and daily commuting on them, the rear is almost down to the tread indicator but the front still has plenty left.
    I'll probably go the 80's on the rear next time to try and get a bit more life out of them.

    Or if you want cheap just get some arrowmaxes, they're not as bad as everyone says they are they just take a lot longer to warm up plus you can get 15000+kms out of them.
  16. Yeah second that, I'm running Bridgestone Battlax BT45s on the Kat, never had a shortage of grip (on tarmac anyway :wink: ) and they've covered 15,000kms so far (plus whatever was already on them when I bought the bike) and still look new. Though I'd be wary about mixing different brands front and back without knowing they're at least vaguely similar - some 250 tyres come in both sport and touring compounds, wouldn't want to mix the two types (you'd end up with more grip at one end which would undoubtedly affect handling).
  17. just went and checked... back is bridgestone battlax :grin:
  18. Black, mostly round, rubbery... and best of all ~$100 fitted for a 250 front. Pick a tyre any tyre.

    I had a Battleaxe then an Arrowmax on mine.
    Both did their stuff well. The Arrowmax probably had a bit more feel to it; but they both never failed me even with the abuse i used to give them.
  19. I never liked the Battleaxe tyres I had on my old Across. Swithed to Pirelli Sport Demons and they were great. Gripped well, not too soft and made the Across turn in much faster, a very noticable improvement in handling.

    I've now fitted Pirelli Sports Demons to my Hyosung and the improvement was only slightly better than the standard Shinkos. In the dry (and on a track) they grip really well but I must admit they're nothing special in the wet and need to be ridden very carefully in slippery conditions. I'm sure there must be better wet weather tryes around.

  20. Aren't they 18" fronts? (or even both ends on the GPX?)
    That'll limit your choice a fair bit for the start...