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250 for touring?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Neen, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to get a 250 and I was wondering what would be the best for sitting around 110-140km/h over a decent distance, say 400km? I want to use it as a daily commuter with some touring on the weekends.

  2. Honestly...not going to happen. There are plenty of 250's that can do the speed, but they are absolutely pinging it to keep at 110-140. CBR250RR's for example are at 9000rpm in top gear at 100km/hr.

    If you want a tourer, wait for a bit and grab a versys or er6, or something of that nature, the extra cc's wont cost too much more in fuel and will make the trip much more enjoyable.
  3. I feared as much. What about cruising at 110 or would that still be too hard on the engine?
  4. At those speeds you are pushing the bike at its limits. To sustain that would cook many of the engine parts and associated mechanical bits.

    Not to say that you could not try. But there is a much higher probability that the unit will die in the ass.

    I know some people "tour" on a 250. But im sure that the speeds they attain are more shopping trolley down isle 6 rather than cruising.
  5. Rubbish. Long distance touring is about all my 250 ever did (30,000kms worth), and it never seemed to mind sitting on 10-11,000rpm all day. For that sort of riding a 4-cylinder is going to be the best option. A fairing would be a plus but the riding position of something like a CBR/FZR250 might not be that comfortable. A Honda Hornet or Suzuki Bandit would be a good option especially with a screen fitted, Suzuki Across is also good though it does have a reduced range (small fuel tank).
  6. Oh he can tour on a 250, no doubt about that, but I wouldnt expect him to be able to sit at 140 all day long. With me on my cbr250 (i'm a biggish bloke lots of "wind resistance) I can barely make 140 down hill with a tailwind.
  7. GS500f is what you want. Go get it.
  8. Guess it'll depend on how big he is then, my 250 Kat wasn't quite so hampered. 140 would definitely be the upper limit though for sustained riding - any faster and you can have problems getting enough fuel to the engine if the bike's just relying on gravity feed from the tank. 110-120 would be a lot more realistic though, especially with luggage.

  9. :LOL:
    yeah i did heaps of touring on my VTR250, frequently sitting on 130-140km/h, (the way i had it geared, it cut out at 148km/h) doing 1000kms in a day, carrying my fat arse, a swag, a 12 litre gerry in a milk crate, and an esch bag ockied to the tank. it now has close to 65000kms on it, and still runs like the day i brought it, ie perfectly.

    but of coarse its about to blow up because its a 250 and a twin and isnt fit to even be seen by the latest and greatest sports inline4 master race.
  10. Yeah sorry mate, forgot you can kick a VTR250 into 6th and roll up 220. :roll:

    I don't know what your on about. I have ridden a VTR 250 more than a dozen times, and wringing its neck off has not produced more than an average of 120.

    You must live in the salt flats of Nevada.
  11. If it has to be a 250 then look at the ZZR. It has a big tank that will take you almost 400Ks and has a fairly comfortable riding position and seat. The fairings also help with wind / weather protection as well. The ZZR will be reving at about 8000rpm at 100kph, which it will happily do for long periods, however it doesn't make for relaxed touring. The Ninja 250 might be worth a look as well, however I don't know enough about them to make a recommendation.
  12. Was following a spada doing 140 for quite a while.

    And grungenut, zzr250 actually is 9000rpm @ 100kmh real speed, its only 8000 for indicated.
  13. i dont see wtf kicking it into 6th and rolling onto 220 has to do with touring, but thanks anyway.

    youve ridden a VTR a dozen times? oh ok. ive done over 50k kms on mine now, but hey i guess you'd know better than i do.

    i dont live on the salt flats of nevada, i attained speeds mentioned above with the load and freeway riding that i stated before.

    like i said, I4 master race arrogance. it doesnt have to be the latest and greatest jap rocket ship to be a good motorcycle.
  14. The hornet sits on about 8,000RPM @ 100km
    Have reached 160km a few times ( controlled enviroment of course :wink: )
    I guess a few hrs @ 120-130km/h wont hurt an inline 4 250.
    IMHO tho ( and I dont know sweet FA ), I think you'd fatigue early with the bike constantly at those RPMs )
    I guess it's very do-able, ( as a few hwe have stated),but perhaps not as comfy as touring with a 600+
  15. 140 km/h cruise on a 250cc can happen but really shouldn't happen. Its like taking a falcon and cruising at 180 km/h everywhere.
  16. Neen, I got a mate who has a ZZR-250, and he uses it to go down to Albany from Perth and back. The bike does it with ease. I think he dropped a tooth on the rear sprocket to assist it further.
  17. Thats one of the main runs I was thinking of doing Nimrod. What speed does he cruise at?

    Yeah, chucking a smaller sprocket on the back and as large as will fit on the front is a good idea for some extra speed.
  18. He'd be cruising at 110-120kph, with the odd higher spurt thrown in. If you do that run, BP ultimate is available at Williams and Mt Barker on the way, the rest of the towns only have shite fuel.

    I'd be hesitant to change the gearing too much, pick-up would be non-existent. I reckon zzr is the way to go, good tank range, ergos and protection.
  19. Oh yeah, don't even think about riding any distance at all on anything less than a litre bike. Goodness me, haven't you heard that your bike will spontaineously explode the second you venture more than 50 kms from your house. Har har har har. What a crock of sh!t. As they say, the best bike for touring on is the one under your @rse right at this minute.

    And yes, I have done heaps of km's on little bikes. How about 30 odd thousand kms on a 125cc two stroke dirt bike? Which would happily sit on 100-110km/hr. I am up to 70,000kms on a 400cc race replicar at the minute. Which includes 10,000kms in 4 weeks touring NZ & more than a few 1000km+ days.

    As jd mentioned, an 250cc inline 4 would be your best bet if you are wanting to maintain 120+ km/hr speeds. Also, if you are riding an upright naked bike, anything over 120 starts to become really hard work after a few hours. I'd say you would be the limiting factor, not the bike. Sure -it's easier & more comfortable to do it on a larger bike, but hey, isn't the challenge 1/2 the fun of it? Cheers. Just ride it

    Edit -just checked the odo on the 400. There's an extra 10,000kms there that seem to have slipped my memory. Currently 80,000kms of redlining throttle strangling goodness :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: And not one melted or cooked engine part :roll: :roll:
  20. sorry, must have stumbled into the 250 self appreciation society. :roll: