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250 exemption (tas)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by V8cressida, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. g'day.
    I was wondering what the process is to get an exemption from learning on a 250 ? and will be doing about 25000km a year

    I have done a fair bit of motorx riding in the past and have been licenced to drive a car for 18 years and have a good record.

    I am @95kgs at 5'10 (all muscle.......lol...not!)

    I was looking at getting a 2fiddy either zzr / cbr but today while talking to a friend of mine who is an experienced rider told me that where I will be riding to work(1 hr away), (lots o hills) will be a pain on a 250.

    He was scratchy about the details on getting such an exemption can you help ?

    looking maybe at something like early 90's FZR600 or GSXF600

    as I only want to pay about 5g's
  2. G'day V8Cressida

    Exemptions aren't too hard in Tas.

    I'd suggest you book in for the learners ASAP, things may change when Stay Upright lose the contract for learners/P's in June.

    You use their bikes on the learners, so it makes no difference at that stage, but you need to write to the Dept Transport for the exemption. Ring Rob Prestedge at the stay upright office for the contact name/number. Do that ASAP so you have timr to search out and buy the bike you want and give you decent time to practice on road before the P's course.
    Then you can ride your preferred bike around and do the test on it (or hire their CB250's, which make the test so easy)

    Zeus did his learners one saturday, had an exemption, did a "one on one" lesson during the week, then sat and passed the P's test the next weekend on a 650... so it's definately possible.

    Bike choice is all you're own personal likes etc, but if you look at the LAMS list for NSW, that'll give you an idea of some good models.

    BTW I spent a year riding an across up hill and down dale even though I got an exemption from 250cc. Personally I think it's a good idea to stay away from too much power too soon. I'm 100kg's + and head up passed Tollmans hill /Mt Nelson every day on the cummute, the Across handled it really well. A 600-650 will be much easier tho. And you'll get a far better 600-650 for around $5K than a 250 for the same, 250 prices are inflated in Tas due to LAMs not yet enforced, and 250's being compulsory.

  3. thanks for the info. Have booked my learners course for 23rd april. Also have sent of an exemption request... see how we go from there.
  4. good stuff!

    See ya on the roads (and maybe Monday Hobart Coffee nights :wink: )
  5. i got an exemption about 18 months ago and all i did was told them my riding exp. age and weight and height and why i would like an exemption and two weeks later i had an exemption but i had already done level two with stay upright i just typed a small letter on the computer and i faxed it to the transport department
  6. Same here with exemption.I wrote to D.I.E.R. in hobart and told them of my age,experience and that i had found a classic 1000 cc bike for a great price.