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250 cruisers - choice

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by endroll, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. First of all I hope that people don't get too bored of these questions.

    I am currently looking for a 250 cruiser. I was pretty decided on a Hyosung 250 Aquila but then sat on a Suzuki Intruder 250LC at the bike show and liked the feel.

    I've ridden the Aquila and like the handling, size, and pretty good power for that size. I've never ridden the Intruder but of course will.

    I am curious if there are any thoughts on one vs the other, especially in terms of:

    (1) power (although will mostly use daily in city am interested how they handle comparatively at 100-110kph - I've ridden the Aquila there and seems quite happy at that speed)
    (2) handling
    (3) quality of manufacture (especially given it will be used almost daily)
    (4) after sales support (in Perth)
    (5) re-sale value (and demand)

    Appreciate any comments.

    CHeers! :cool:
  2. What about a good second hand 250 Yamaha Virago. Great bike with a great reputation. Was the learner bike to have a few years back.
  3. If your #1 and #2 priorities are power and handling, you should ride some naked or sports-touring style bikes before you settle on a cruiser. Cruisers look great but that's about it, I consider them well below average for learners as they do little to engender confidence or help you out of tricky situations.

    I should add that I bought a 250 cruiser a few years back, knowing no better, and after riding nakeds and sports bikes would never go back. Rosie and a few others were members of the 250 cruiser club that switched to other 250cc bikes when they learned of the limitations of that style of bike. So ride some other bikes and make an informed choice before you buy.
  4. theres nothing wrong with cruisers as a learners bike i am on ls on the 650 aquila i did have a 250 virago some years back was on ls then too another state when i moved didnt keep up with it so sold bike the virago was a great bike only prob was it was limited in its speed no faster than 100kph i know ls arent to go over 80kph but i lived out in the country then
    depends on how much riding you have done as to the style of bike you get also your preference
    bottom line dont let others talk you out of what you want you have to ride it take a few out if possibly or try and at least sit on a few cruisers are comfortable but then some like to go fast and not see the view where as cruisers can go hard when you want them to but you get to sit back and enjoy the ride also theregreat if you want to be different ie ninja here ninja there haha
    but seriously dude as i said its your choice your money do some research on anything that takes your fancy then just short list and whatever you get enjoy the ride :cool:
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I've been riding the gv250 for a while now and love the way it rides and handles but a bit unsure wrt it's long term functioning and resale.

    Not a bit fan of the sports bikes I have to say...but a humble F4CC might change my mind :roll:
  6. roby02 have you ridden any bike other than a cruiser?
  7. The Intruder produces less power than the other 250cc cruisers, from memory the Kawasaki produces the most.

    I'd second any suggestion to get on other bikes though. I learnt on a cruiser and am so much happier now on a naked bike. You really need to do a few hundred km on different styles of bikes to get a feel though, I'm now finding that I wouldn't mind a bit more aggressive riding position than the Monster has and luckily that's easy to do with a few mods, but a cruiser leaves you with no other options.
  8. Consider a Vn250, IMO it looks the best of all the 250 cruisers, is very comfortable and has enough power (for a 250 cruiser).

    Why buy a naked bike to learn more on when you can learn even more on a 2stroke. I learnt heaps more on my Cagiva Mito and RG250 but that’s not what the guy is asking, he obviously wants to buy a cruiser for the comfort and easy riding style.
    This is the new cruiser section isn’t it? So stop telling people to buy a naked bike :LOL:
  9. i used to have a Honda VT250 C, and that was a good 1st bike. Handled well, light, looked great and was cheap and easy to service and run. I reckon they were the best looking of the cruisers, and one of the biggest 250 cruisers.
  10. id also consider looking at the Kawasaki Eliminator too.
    very nice bike and its a decent size too.
  11. i also had a VT...great bike to ride and i made 500 bucks profit on resale even with 27,000 on the clock.
  12. Thanks again for the feedback!

    I am pretty settled on the cruisers (at least for now) - I do like the feel and the position.

    I do like the feel of the kawa (sat on one but never rode) but seems quite pricey for a 250!!! :shock:
  13. Having riden the Suzuki 250 Cruiser a fair bit I'd say there's a reason it's cheap. 8-[
  14. You should be able to pick one up for around $5000 with about 20k on the clock.
  15. I got my Virago for $3000 with 40k on the clock. still looks and acts as new. I can't really say much about other bikes cos I've only been on a hyosungGT250R for a couple of minutes and on a spada for a few minutes longer, oh and the VTR and the GPX for about 5 mins and at the end of the day I prefered the virago. just because it's a relaxed position. it's got enough power (125+km/h not a problem) the handling is just right for riding around (altho could be better at high speed twisties) and it's just a cool looking bike.

    but saying that I'd also love the comfy position of the VTR250 - but I guess that's the closest thing to cruiser comfort until you start to get 'agressive seating position'

    if you love cruisers then go for it - if you ask me, I'd go a cruiser anytime. it doesn't matter how fast it goes, if it reaches 110 easily, is comfortable enough to cruise on and has LOTS of chrome. I'm sold! hehe

    (that is why we ride cruisers right? for the chrome factor hehe)

    (oh and btw , I did the natio park on the virago with all the big sports bikes and I had a great time - so it's not the bike, it's how you ride it ;)
  16. cruiser

    Or take a look at the vt250c i have advertised in the for sale section :)
  17. I've been riding a Intruder since i got my Ls 9 months ago (just got my P's a couple weeks ago to lazy to get em earlier ) and i reckon its just the best bike ,never had a sore ass on the long rides, always kept up with my mates easily (naked bikes,cars ) and i've never had any problems with it and i've crashed it more then enough times with minal body damage (scrapped exaust :( ) plus it handles great ,and its bigger then the hyosung and looks nicer In my opinion , So id strongly recommend the intruder for a 250 cruiser
  18. Buying a virago soon

    Hi guys,

    rode a cb250 at HART for the license, then had a test ride of the Virago 250 . and ooooohhhhh mmmaaannnn... can you guess which one i liked better?

    i REALLY like the sit and setup and ride of the Virago, im currently buying one thats done 14,000 on the clock, 2004 model.. for about 4,500 very nice bike...

    any suggestions apart from wide steering etc that may help a new guy like me.. for example, what to look for mechancically and ask an owner about his / her bike? especially Virago.

    Also buying my gear today and as a learner have decided on full face helmet - then when i get better and more confident maybe a open face for weekend rides etc - also im told a pair of draggins is a good idea.

    now all I need to do is make room in the garage for the new addition!


  19. welcome cruiser convert!

    4500 is a pretty good price for a 2004 - but bargin anyways :p

    nothing much to look out for on a virago, it's built like a tank really...
    maybe check the bars to see if it's bent or not - check the electricals such as turning lights, high beam, hazard lights, brake lights.
    check the rear drum brake to see if there's any shoe left and the front brake if it engages well. check the forks and throtttle...

    I guess check anything that has to do with the controls because when you drop a virago, the handle bars and controls get the hit.... and hardly anything else. no matter how hard you drop it or in what ever manner, the bars will take it.

    enjoy it! they are excellent bikes - I've had mine well into my P's now :)
  20. id say take a look at the Pagsta 250 cruiser,
    after looking at lots of second hand 250 cruisers often around 6k a few years old with lots of K's I took a close look at the pagsta.

    had mine a few months, couple of thousand K's so far no problems at all.

    I take it or the freeway does 100k no probs can get to 115k but thats the case with almost all 250 cruisers, plenty of crome looks very nice, de badged mine (you will cop some crap for riding it but stuffem)
    5k ride away, the bike is a clone of the honda 250 rebel so parts arent a problem even if the company goes bust(not likely)