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250 cruiser survey

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by knight rider, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I need advice. I am 5' 9". 70 kg. Budget $6500

    Rank in order from best to worst and why. These 3 bikes

    Hyosung Aquila gv250, Suzuki Intruder vl250, Yahama Virago 250

  2. VL250, Virago 250, Hyocrap.

    Looks great, looks good, looks crap.

    You're buying a cruiser because of looks, right? ;)
  3. I have a red gv250 and it's a great bike.
    Easy to ride and throw around and I disagree with knigh rider it looks like a cruiser and bigger than what it is (250) unlike the virago.
    Everyone I know that has seen it first reaction "wow that is a very cool looking bike" "thats not a 250 looks huge" "Hey dood thats one nice looking bike you got there"
    At traffic lights....yep they all look (cagers) and even have had some nods of approval from the 650 and up cc boys.
    Power? has plenty of power top end just like any other 250cc after 70ks open it up as long as you have done 1000ks and first service and you will feel the power.
    As to Hyosung as a company read up on them...who do you think built suzuki motors for decades and most of their engine components.
    A bit "plasticy" but what bike doesn't have plastic???
    So if you want to stand out from the crowd and have a decent bike on a good budget with parts cheap unlike your yamaha or suzuki go the gv250 ull be very impressed.
  4. I rode a Virago 250 a couple of years ago when my bike was in for a service and it thought it was underpowered to the point of being dangerous.
  5. If you've got $6500 then look for a good 2nd Hand XVS650 or VT750, you'll have a much better ride than any of the 3 250's you mention.
  6. I think you'll find its the same with any 250cc cruiser. Not very advanced engines. I had what must have been a 750cc+ cruiser (judging by noise levels) in front trying to stay in front on my local road, I could see and hear the poor guy giving it full throttle to try to get away whilst I sat in 6th idling away.

    Thats not really why people buy cruisers though so it is kind of irrelevant :LOL:
  7. Why are you looking at just 250cc Cruisers?
  8. I am only looling at 250 cruiser basically cause of price of new bike. Have about 6,500 budget and I am learner. If 250 has enough power I will keep bike for a long time. I am not into going fast etc. probably due to lack of experience but 100km an hour will do me fine.
  9. Of the 250's, the Suzi first, Hyo last, Virago in the middle.

    If you don't mind near-new 2007 model (only 700 k's) I have just decided to sell my Suzi VL250.

    PM me if you're interested and want more details.
  10. Another one you might want to consider (if you haven't already) is a pagsta cruisa, I have one and love it :grin: ...... www.pagsta.com.au.........new including on road costs for around $5300
  11. A 250cc cruiser is not capable of comfortably sitting on 100kph up and down hills.

    Hence my comment about looking for a larger 2nd hand one.
  12. What about the Kawasaki 250 Cruiser. It is ugly but has the GPX engine in it I think.
  13. I wouldnt go an 250 crusier. You will get bored very quickly with it i would think. i have the XVS650 and i find sometimes it can be a little underpowered.

    Crusiers are great, but they are heavy as, so you need the power to get/keep it going.
  14. HEATHEN!

    Looks great in the flesh. It has a 249cc V-Twin but performance-wise it is close to the pre-2008 parallel-twin GPX250. Peakier than the other 250 cruisers, but delivers more power. Will comfortably get up to and sit on freeway speeds. Was on the expensive range of the spectrum ($8500 + ORC) but I imagine they would be hard to budge now that you can ride a 650cc cruiser on LAMS, so you may be able to bargain.
  15. If it helps I used to ride a GPX250 for a few years and regularly rode between Sydney and Albury (that's about 600km one way). The engine will sit at freeway speeds but of course it's going to be working reasonably hard to do so in comparison to a much larger engine but you have to trade off something for size. I can also tell you that top speed for an old GPX250 was about 165kmh but the configuration with a fairing probably helped a bit.

    I guess ultimately you can sit on 100 - 110 and know that you still have a bit extra available for overtaking if need be so perhaps the Kwaka Cruiser might be a good option to look at. Look at second hand ones and you should be able to find something in your budget. Second hand is a great starting point for a new rider and ultimately as you improve on your skills and experience you'll probably upgrade before too long so I don't see the sense in paying extra for a new bike that you'll be learning with anyway.


    Oh, I just realised that the gearing for a cruiser is probably going to be different to a GPX however the comments about the engine are still relevant. It's pretty bulletproof so worth a gander.
  16. Fragbait, they are two different engines. The VN250 has a two cylinders offset at 90 degrees (i.e. v-twin), whereas the GPX250 has two cylinders inline with each other (i.e. p-twin). The VN250 has lower compression, larger carburettors, different valve rise, different crankshaft, blah blah. Final drive is geared accordingly.

    When I was looking for a first bike, I established that the VN250 was the most powerful cruiser I could get my hands on (pre-LAMs). Kawasaki have since pulled the VN250 profile from their website (it's no longer sold) so I don't know the exact power/torque figures, but I still have an otherwise complete spec-sheet on the bike.

  17. Thanks for the correction speed-demon! My mistake as I was going off information mentioned by a previous poster so as the engines are different my comments are all irrelevent. I get that a lot :)
  18. Yeah sorry, I thought it had the GPX engine in it!

    I still think it looks kinda lame but thats just my taste.

  19. No worries, Fragbait, I spend a lot of time carrying on about nothing myself ...

    Nightgash, your picture makes it look dorky! When you look at it, you're actually looking 30 degrees down at it rather than level, and the chrome on the engine fins and general build quality add to its appeal. Also, you need to stick its looks in context with say a Suzuki Intruder, which can look like a midget's bike.