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250 cruiser survey

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by knight rider, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Hey guys please provide me your views. My budget is $6000-$7000

    Rank in order from best to worst cruiser and why? I am 5' 9". 70kg.

    Hyosung Aquila gv250, Suzuki Intruder vl250, Yahama Virago 250

    Thanks guys
  2. Had the Intruder for 18mths and did 24000ks on it, great little bike and I am 6'3' and 133kg, best riding position of all the 250 cruisers IMHO.
  3. Kawasaki VN250. End of discussion.
  4. What do you want the bike to do for you?
    never needed Viagra :)
  5. Purchased and rode GV250 for 8 weeks ... great bike a ton of fun. Cheap as chips to purchase and easy to work on . I had a 2007 model with 2500km on the clock sold it for $ 4k ... I am 6ft and 94kg. now ride 650 xvs ... mmmmm
  6. Been here done that. Finished with Suzi - best sitting position for me among 3 listed. Plus design of Hoy not for my taste.