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250-500cc size scooters?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Gibbz, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Im looking at scooters due to rsi when riding the motorbike.
    Ive noticed there seems to be a large gap between the 250-500 range, is there any scooters that are about 500cc, but are not big and chunky looking like the ones I see everywhere?
  2. i think they are starting to come out. True most of the 500 scoots are maxi styled. But look at the Aprilia Scarabeo 500 and that is starting to move away from the traditional maxi style.

    i think theres certainly a market for slimmer large capacity scoots. Hopefully we will start to see some more.
  3. Ok anyone know any dealers in SA, Adelaide that have a decent range to look at?
  4. I reckon the T-max yammy is a pretty agile, sporty looking maxi scoot. Gilera Nexus as well, although the Yam is the better bike by all accounts.
  5. doh beeing short doesnt help. Is there anyway to lower scooters in the same way you can a bike?

    785mm is about the max seathight i can use....

    This rules out the
    gilera nexus
    piaggio x8 400

    Bikes i can fit on
    Burgman 400/650
    Yamaha Majesty 400
    Honda Silverwing 400/600
    Peugeot Satelis 500/400
  6. Don't read to much in the seat heights, the width of the seat is a factor too. Also the width of the bike itself, how much you need to open your legs to reach the ground...

    and Burgman is an old bike, so is x9, which is about to go off sale..

    While the x8.....
  7. i've got to change your mind, Soon!!!.Also approved by the bacsuv :grin:
  8. Suzuki actually released the K7 Burgman 400 last October, so I'd hardly call it an old bike...
  9. True, there are K7 seven version of the 400 until today. i was more referring to the engine technology. The x8 ,MP3, Beverly have a brand new Master 400 engine, while "K7" tends to explain engine improvements to an older design.
    But can't say a bad thing about the Burgmen, it is a legend!!! (except that it is too big/heavy for my taste)
  10. Due to RSI? Whats this RSI you talk about?
  11. Yeah, if it's an RSI problem, just get a bike with a nice upright seating position. Just as, if not more comfortable than a scooter riding position.
    Mind you, I am assuming it is a wrist/forearm issue.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. i think that it's like Carpal tunnel syndrome, where you are in pain every time you pull the clutch.., thats why you go scooter, where there is none
    The other reason is the step through frame most of the scooters have, that you don't have to lift your leg as high to get on the bike.
  13. I have CTS, it's not a big issue.
    Seriously, scooters aren't all that FFS, stop trying to make excuses! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. I love my babies, i can't help it!!!! :moped: :dance: