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25 years in the planning

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by theiceman, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Well I wasn't aware of the resentment, but it finally reared its ugly head.

    After nearly twenty five years of marriage, my father in law decided I should be the latest motorcycle statistic and pulled in front of me while he was making a right hand turn. Silly bastard missed me by a whisker and I locked up both sets of brakes but kept it all together.

    Caught up with him a week or two later and explained that he nearly cleaned me up to which he thought I was joking and explained that he 'never saw any bike come close to him, so it didn't happen'.

    Fact is he 'never saw any bike come close to him' and thats what nearly fkn killed me.
  2. Punch him in the head ,or slap him if hes old Then ask him if he saw that coming :wink:
  3. Has it ever crossed your mind, he may have another agenda?

  4. That sounds like 70% of drivers in Forster. So many of them wouldn't see a Mack until after it had hit them, or a shopping centre, or the lake, or the council chambers.
  5. Dad giveth, and dad taketh away? Should've kicked his mirrors off.
  6. You happen to have plenty of life insurance?, changed your will lately.....
  7. Umm let me guess.. You've been to Forster and scurried home and curled up into the foetal position then cried yaself to sleep.

    We got 'em driving on footpaths, through shop windows, into fire trucks (with sirens blaring)... you name it.

    Forster is a 'ken beautiful spot but its also an above ground cemetery with a lot of oldies happy to take you with them.
  8. He's welcome to take HER back