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25 JUL 09 - National "Give a noob his Daytona" day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. I'm not sure if many of you are aware, but saturday been was national "Give a noob his Daytona" day. The only entry requirement was that you had previously thrashed the living daylights out of a ZZR250 for 18 months, been in and out of court a few times, and know the civic compliance automated phone system's sub menu's before they are read out to you. How ever there was a catch, if you were 5'4 and under you has to pay. I discovered this on the day and ended up paying for my 2008 Triumph Daytona 675.


    Personally, I used to get the shits with all those "New bike threads" and on a few occasions asked it we could have a separate forum for those, just like the rant / vent forum. However over the last 48 hours of owning this bike I can now understand people's excitement and emotions. But to make things a little different and because I have no work at work again I'll punch up a running dairy of my first few hours in ownership.

    0800h, Saturday Morning.

    Spazzy's bike was in need of a minor repair was was required to be left in kensington. I asked him if he could take my ZZR250 to my mechanic in thomastown, with much reluctance he agreed. So we left my ZZR at kensington, he pillioned me to Peter Stevens A'Beckett street on his Daytona, leaving my ZZR at kensington.


    Walk inside, see my baby ready to roll, wandering around with a ridiculous amount of cash inside my jacket, meet the salesman, and start the slow and tedious process of the handover process. Spazzy and Rider Chris wander about the closed store, talking to another salesman and checking out the Daytona SE.


    Bike outside and good to roll, totally stock. I'm totally 5'4, its totally a tall bike!! From previous rides on Spazzy's machine, I knew I couldn't get the side stand up when sitting on it (or down). The plan was to go straight to my mechanic and attach a little peg on it to assist until I get the suspension lowered properly. All geared up, my Triumph folder with all sorts of stuff is in Rider Chris's bag, and I jump on, damn stretch I say!! Spazzy so kindly (and previously organised!) then comes over and kicks up the side stand. He's laughing his arse off and I'm sure a few of the spectators were also at this short arse struggling to balance (and a little nervous) on this tall beautifully shiny pretty bike. All set take off down A'Beckett street.


    Sudo wanted to see the bike as soon as I picked it up. The night before we played silly buggers with all the cash I had on hand, taking stupid photos and what not. He was aware that I would have trouble sitting on it height wise... I rode up to the other end of A'Beckett street and pulled up. Again, Spazzy had to put my side stand down, all of them laughing at me, I didn't care, I had a brand new Shiny Daytona!! :grin:


    The salesman refused to wipe the tires over with presol to remove the mold wax. So I had the standard bar-o-soap tires others have spoken about. We took off up Elizabeth street to the round-about of awesome-ness. I used a lot of rear brake when I rode the ZZR, and it had a shot rear brake as is. In the round-about I was leaning over to the right and a tram was starting to cross, so I applied the same amount of pressure to the rear brake as I would on the ZZR.

    Next thing the rear locks, slides out fast to the left on the waxy cover tires, I then reflex letting go of the brake where it completes a small fishtail then stands up. Spazzy was convinced that was it, and that I was going to end up under the front of the tram. Rider chris came around the corner to see me inches from the gutter not sure what was going on. Once it was stood up vertical my heart restarted and I backed off so I could let the tram pass without stopping.


    Arrive at Keningston, Spazzy gives his bike and key to his mechanic, and with a lot of reluctance, he jumps on my zzr. He wasn't a happy boy, saying I should be riding it!! No way! I just got my Daytona, I wanna ride it to my mechanic!! We gear up, jump on, Rider Chris helps me get the bike vertical (parked on uneven ground), kicks the stand up for me and we take off.


    We enter onto the on ramp for city link at the end of flemmington road near the giant yellow cheese stick. As the bike is running in, I have to keep it below 5k rpm. I power out to this limit and suddenly I'm in 6th, with the other two far ahead and the speedo is only reading 60???? Wtf?? I give it some more until it reads 75ish and realise I'm passing cars with an ok pace... then it clicks. Stupid dealer has left the computer in Miles per Hour. Back off to 5k rpm and realise at those revs in 6th i'm going 60mph.

    I was told to rev up, chop throttle, rev up, chop throttle to run it in... The entire way up citylink and along the Western Ring Road I was enjoying the induction noise of the motor. It sounded brilliant, I nice throaty sound to my liking, a much welcomed change of pace from the screaming two-fidy I used to commute on wringing its neck to pass traffic.


    We arrive at the mechanics, me last, as I was taking my corners vertical still a little scared about the waxy tires (never ridden on waxy tires, i've always had mine presoled). The boys at the shop just look at me, smile and shake their heads, there is a lot of people who think after all the trouble I got myself into with a two fidy, that I should not be riding a 600. I stop, Spazzy so kindly puts the side stand down, with everyone laughing, me grinning ear to ear.

    We spend the next hour discussing side stand issues, suspension solutions, adding this, doing that, fixing the ZZR up for sale, and me presolling the tires. Before I could attack the candle covered tires Rider Chris promptly takes photos of the chicken strips giving me shit about them, calling me [insert particular ZX9 rider's name here]... :LOL: Bastard, he was enjoying it. We then discover, I can jump on and off the bike with the side stand up. Solution found! No mods required. We fit pick up spools so I can lube the chain, and the other two are hungry.

    The decision to leave the ZZR there was so it could be picked up later in my planned game of musical bikes while I do this and that to the Daytona. This leaves three riders and two bikes, Chris's R6 without pillion pegs and a seat cowl, mine stock.

    Spazzy been taller, pillion experienced won the right to take me pil. Say the goodbye's, off to KFC.

    My mechanic advised that the rev limit was realistically around 8k rpm doing the same rev up rev down theory. This gave us a little more room to play with.

    1230h ish

    Arrive KFC, and once jumping off, I realise I don't really like been pillion!! Eat food and take off yet again. Spazzy remembers the run in procedure and we take off to Kensington.


    Spazzy is having a ball on my bike, weaving in and out of traffic, power up, power down, leaning the bike over on fresh tires, reducing my chicken strips quite well. Half way through the ride, my right shoulder is complaining about the braking and i'm starting to fatigue.


    Arrive Kensington, Spazzy's bike is ready!! I get to ride my own bike. The other two wanted to take mt to the boulevard but time was pressed and I needed to return home. I popped into Sudo's work place again to collect my bag I previously left there, Rider Chris and Spazzy take off. Two minutes later I realise I left my Triumph folder with Chris, oh well. The bag was full of the weeks gym gear and other clothes, and quite heavy. I threw it over my shoulder and realised I couldn't get on the bike. :?

    A workmate of Sudo's was near the entrance, I asked him to spot the bike while I climbed on. I took off home, enjoying the new rev limit with was good for about 90mph. Rev up, chop throrttle, rev up, chop throttle, rev up, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrrrp, chop throttle.

    Started to notice a few different things. My wrists were starting to feel sore going from a sports / tourer to a full sports bike. The power made passing a dream, the bike was surprisingly comfortable with no expected back pains or anything else, I was loving it. However arriving home I was glad to give my wrists a rest.


    I had to dart back into the city for a friends Birthday Dinner and a workmates house warming. I was running late and HAD to show the bike off to a mate. It usually takes me an hour to get into the city, but swinging by my mates house was going to make it a push to get to the restaurant by 6, including ducting into work to drop off my bag and grab the bday present.

    The bike proved otherwise. I managed in that hour to swing by my mates for 10 minutes, ride into the city the back way, discover the little orange light meant put some petrol in me, arrive at work, collect present, get changed, and ride to the restaurant all in 70 minutes. yes, I'm defiantly in love with this bike, which still has no name.


    Bday dinner all said and done, and a few wanted to check out my new toy. Walking outside I notice a guy checking out my bike, kind of nice to see people admiring your bike with envy, rarely had that on the ZZR. The girls were quite impressed but I think it was token curiosity appreciation, however I did tee up a pillion ride at a later date. :grin:


    Running behind schedule, going to have to miss a mates welcome home drinks in Port Melbourne, sorry Cam. Get to enjoy the ride to the house warming in Kew however!! Pulling up at lights, people starring at the bike was giving me a great sense of pride and Nerrrrr, I have one and you don't.

    Still enjoying and whoring the induction noise down victoria street, hey I figured I had to, to run it in. barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle.


    Arrive party, everyone pretty smashed, all the work mates quite impressed at the shinny pretty bike. Some cute girl checking out my green tshirt which had a cow stuck on the moon. Approach to talk to her, stupid boyfriend puts her arm around her and introduces himself, make small talk, back out.

    Turns out it was hard rubbish in the neighboring streets. The drunken unaware housemates received a BBQ, two couches, a kids trike, an umbrella and a billy cart from our efforts. They weren't to find out until morning until they walk around their garden and back porch.


    Head home, bike time!! :grin:

    Bugger all traffic, cops busy with street violence, me outside work all geared up, time to roll. Pull up next to a couple in a taxi at a set of lights, the girl smiles, I return the smile forgetting i'm in a helmet with a balaclava on and neck sock pulled up high. The guy grins and does the wheelie motion with his hands. I regrettably shake my head thinking; "give me a few weeks to run it in and some lessons and I'll happily do it!!"... Shame... patience, must wait.

    Ride home was all about induction noise as there were no corners. Barrrrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle, barrrp, chop throttle.

    I have winter gloves and the ZZR had heated grips. However the lack of heated grips and the +1 degree C on the calder near home resulted in frozen finger tips. Nothing to do with giving it a little squirt near home to break my previous top speed record... so fun!

    Got home, damn tired, bed.

    1300h, Sunday

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad a heap of chores to do, farrrrk that, nice weather, ride time! New leather jacket, shopping list of seeds from some nursery in Blackwood for dad, charged iPod, lets go.

    Started at the base of mount macedon where there is a nice little S-bend, smooth, good asphalt and easy to see through. I did laps back and forth slowly increasing the speed and lean angle. Got a little happy powering out of one corner, went past the run in rev limit a little, over the rise, highway patrol cop car. Grab a handful of brake, "OH PHUCK" these brakes are scray almost throwing me over the front of the bike, I release brakes and roll past. Check the mirrors, I see brake lights but no party lights.

    I pull over straight away as their is no chance in running with a top speed of 90mph on a straight rode. I'm off the bike before the cop pulls up (without lights on). He turns the lights on, comes out and is Very friendly. We spend more time talking about the bike, about only having picked it up etc. After all that he was nice enough to drop it from 37 to 25 over, 3 points rather then license loss. I thank him then bugger off out of the area and head to Blackwood.

    1400h ish

    The ride to Blackwood was nice, few open sweepers, run in procedure the entire way. An unmarked car passed me in the opposite direction, luckily I was under. Found the nursary, on some pourly sealed road, brought the seeds and was gearing up. Just before putting my helmet on, there was a family with a young boy, maybe 4-5ish years old. He was pointing at the "shinny mo-to-bike" and saying "mummy loooooook!". I smiled back and asked if he wanted to sit on it as his hands were already outstretched and gravitating towards it.

    His Dad propped him on top where he attempted to reach the handle bars. He was wide eyed smiling ear to ear and making broom noises. Hopefully that's another person convinced to get a bike. His dad helped him off and with a thanks and smile they continued on there way.


    From Blackwood to Daylesford I was careful, I saw another unmarked 4WD cop that had already pulled a car over and decided they are already out looking. I made my way to Hepburn Springs to play in the small patch of twisties before moving to the chocolate mill for chocolate. Loading up my new leather jacket with Chocolate that didn't really fit, plus dad's packets of seeds, I was looking rather strange from the front with bulges poking out of my torso....


    Time to head home, Daylesford to Woodend, it was getting a little colder so home was the final destination. Entering the twisties I was 'stuck' behind a car doing 100ish. I passed with ease enjoying the sound this bike makes, bugger getting an aftermarket pipe, I'm quite happy with the looks and sound of the stock unit (for now at least anyway). What a hoot. While I was meant to be revving the bike up and down I found myself sitting closer to 90mph the entire way, only to wait behind cars then jet pass them with ease in minimal passing distance.

    Gliding through the sweepers, increasing the lean angle, feeling REAL suspension actually work was orgasmic. The new leather jacket was very comfortable in the proper riding position of a sports bike as opposed to the upright seating position of the ZZR, everything was perfect bar the minor inconvenience of been limited to 8k rpm, I wanted more.

    Approaching Woodend my wrists were starting to fatigue and it was a little colder now. Return home and tuck my baby to bed. To my disappointment, I discovered the monkeys at PS who assembled this bike didn't tighten the bolts that hold the rear indicators in. The right indicator was hanging by the cable. A cable tie and duct tape fixed this.

    Some quick internet research taught me how to change the bike into Kilometers per hour. Bonus!! No more on the fly maths for me.

    0600h Monday

    Breakfast eaten, showered, stuff shaving, geared up lets go. Quite cold this morning and the fog was really starting play problems. Jumping onto the calder I gave it a good belt, breaking my personal top speed record before returning to a more sensible(ish) pace. Passing and splitting cars was a hoot, the noise of the bike under load was brilliant, something I don't think I would get tired of.

    Getting into work I realised my wrists were fine, though only on the road for 40 minutes, it was a nice discovery. Approaching the picasso flinders asphalt street between King and William, I decided while slow riding over the rather rough surface and turn into the carpark that I needed to get the height sorted out soon. Which is painful because it will mean I won't have the bike for 1-2 weeks... :(

    But until then, I'm just going to stretch and pre-think all my stopping locations and plans.

    Everytime I pulled into the concrete enclosed underground carpark I would always rev the ZZR because it sounded quite loud inside. Doing the same habbit with the Daytona, I jizzed in my pants. HAWT!! I parked the bike, jumped off (carefully) and took one last look for the morning until I ride her again this arvo...!

    All in all, i'm absolutely in love with this bike. I haven't even experienced the full power of it and i'm not where near pushing its limits through the corners. BRING ON THE SUMMER WEATHER!!!! :twisted:



    Note; if the pic links don't work, it's because my work IT filter is blocking them, but I think they are correct.
  2. Brilliant read!

    Great to hear the happiness that comes out of a new bike :D Jealousy is running pretty hot through my veins at the moment.
  3. It's wonderful below 8k, but incredible above it! :grin:

    Get it run in a quickly as possible.
  4. Geez man, all that time spent typing is now wasted riding time.

    Nice bike. :wink:
  5. to save yourself from damaging those lovely fairings, i offer this proposal, you give give me your fairings, and i'll give you mine.. fair deal dont you think

  6. Nah, booked to company time when I have to be inside the building, no riding at this time of day. Did however venture down to the carpark to show a few work mates....

    Hmmmm, maybe for a track day?? :grin:

    The remainder of today is spent sourcing Oggy's and other bits and pieces... Oggy's first.
  7. Hot bike!

    And i honour your respect for the beautiful blue beast, my idea of 'run in period' is WOT*...

    Well that has always worked on Japanese bikes :p

    *Wide Open Throttle.
  8. Congrats Matty :)
  9. and you did all this with no 3rd party property insurance?
  10. hmmmmm, where did I mention having no insurance?? :roll:

    Full comp for your information set up on the friday. *slaps you with a wet fish*
  11. Please, please be careful on uneven ground. Its too pretty a bike to get scratched up.
  12. + 1

    very nice looking bike their Brownyy :grin:

    now we know where Rider Chris was on Saturday morn , he wagged car park practise !!! LOL
  13. bloody hell now thats a story, be prepared for many more flashing lights behing you :grin: nice bike, well done, welcome to the 600 club
  14. Lovely story, it brought back all the memories of when I picked up my Daytona brand new. It still gets the looks from everyone now, that doesn't stop. Same thing coming from a 250, the power, the brakes, the suspension, it is so fantastic. I think a lot of 600 riders need to ride the 675 just for the experience.
  15. Sweet bike mate :cool:

    They pop mad wheelies once you've run it in.
  16. Great write up.

    Love that new bike feeling:)
  17. Great post Brownyy.

    gotto say it was funny as hell to see you using your rock climbing experience to get on and off the bike :p.

    it is a great bike cant wait to see/hear it some more.
  18. your a lucky boy :)

    This is top of my upgrade list once of restrictions
  19. i think we need a section for new bike threads...

    yours is definitely not ugly
  20. awesome post mate,

    very very nice bike,
    so cant wait to get a 675 myself.