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$25,000 in fines to cyclists in park

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/national/250-fine-for-cycling-on-the-path-20090916-frof.html

    Glad they're finally clamping down on people getting outside and exercising. They have been getting away with it for far too long!

     MELBOURNE City Council and police have cracked down on cyclists who ride through city parks. More than 100 have been fined $250 each.
    The council said its warnings to cyclists not to ride through parks such as Carlton Gardens had been ignored for too long.
    In a move that angered cyclists, council park rangers combined with the police bicycle patrol to nab cyclists riding through gardens last week.
    By teaming with the police, council rangers - who do not have the power to detain cyclists - were able to hand out fines totalling more than $25,000 to 110 cyclists.
    Among the cyclists nabbed was landscape architect Alistair Wenn, who received his fine while riding through the Carlton Gardens. Earlier in the day, his wife, Jackie, was also fined for riding through the gardens.
    ''On one hand you have a council saying they encourage cycling and on the other you are fined $250 if you ride through a park,'' said an angry Mr Wenn, who argued the garden's 5.5-metre footpaths could be easily shared. ''The alternative is to ride on the footpath, which would be much worse.'' Riding on the footpath attracts a fine of $58.
    Lord Mayor Robert Doyle backed the fines. He said the council had clear rules on where people could ride.
    ''We are happy to entertain arguments about where cyclists can go, and these are some of the areas we've said they can't go. Do you think people [should be allowed to] cycle anywhere?''
    The council bans bicycles from the Fitzroy, Carlton, Treasury and Flagstaff gardens, and most of Fawkner Park. Cycling is allowed in the council's other parks.
    The council was unable to provide evidence that pedestrians in the city's parks were being endangered by cyclists, although 20 park users have complained to the council in the past six months about cyclists.
    Councillor Kevin Louey said cyclists often responded by being rude to pedestrians when challenged. ''All park users should be able to enjoy them free from risks posed by inconsiderate cyclists,'' he said.
    Pedestrian groups backed hefty fines, saying cyclists had to realise there were serious consequences if they hit someone. ''If you are a 70-year-old man or a child and you get hit by a bike travelling at 30 km/h, you'll spend the rest of your life in hospital,'' said Pedestrian Council of Australia chairman Harold Scruby.
    Cyclists who regularly flout laws banning them from the parks say they do so because the roads are dangerous. ''I've been riding through the city's parks for 35 years. I'll stop doing that when the roads are as safe and as pleasant to ride on as the parks,'' said Nik Dow, a member of the Melbourne Bicycle Users Group.
    Roads Minister Tim Pallas declined to comment.
  2. maybe Nik Dow can tow his bike to dandenong ranges
  3. Two of the people I work with walk through the parks to work. Both have been knocked down from behind by cyclists in the past six months (one of them twice).
  4. Are there signs at those parks which specifically state the riding of bicycles through this area is strictly forbidden and will be subject to fines?
  5. Great way to get fit; running from the cops on a bicycle.
  6. I believe there are signs.

    And I accept that people get hit. But that's like legistlating against motorbikes because they hit pedestrians. The problem is the specific individuals themselves, not the bikes.

    Even putting a line down the path with a picture of a bike would solve the problem FFS. Then you could fine those who didn't stay withing the bike lane. Done. It's not a narrow path.
  7. I believe that the problem is that generally there's been a lot of fairly high speed riding through the parks in recent times.

    It is amusing though that cyclists fight tooth and nail against sharing bus lanes and on-road bicycle lanes with motorcycles - but then get stroppy when they get booked for sharing lanes where they aren't allowed to. :LOL:

    There was a lot of warning. The rangers were blocking the paths and warning cyclists that they weren't allowed to ride through the parks for several days prior to the police effort - certainly in the Treasury Gardens. I could see it from where I work.
  8. Same with motorcycles through the Spur. We should ban motorcyclists from riding through there.

    Totally :LOL:

    The motorcyclist version of this would be warning people that overtaking on the spur is now illegal. And then when people arc up about it, saying "well we did warn you".

    It's the rule and mindset people are upset about.
  9. Careful Ellis, Scruby says if they are as old as you they will spend the rest of their lives in a Horse-Piddle if hit :jerk:
  10. I ride a pushbike anywhere you can walk. Its safe.

    If it was a ranger, I wouldnt stop. Running from the cops could be trickier
  11. call it their rego rightly due... :grin: :grin: :grin:


    Edit: forgot to add this guy: :tantrum:
  12. And what about the children, won't somebody think of the children and puppies and kittens and and and ….. the revenue
  13. Are we getting to the stage of realising that the pushbike is specialised means of transport, that needs dedicated pathways, and that, if they are available, it is as illegal for them to be on any other thoroughfare as it is for a car or motorcycle to be on a bike pathway? I think so. Cyclists have been having it both ways for far too long, trading on the green ticket.
  14. Breaking the law is breaking the law. If you are doing something illegal and get fined for it, thats your decision to take the risk.

    I dont want to turn this into a cyclist bashing post, *Insert massive generalisation here* but they are probably the most inconsiderate road/path/park users out there.
  15. +1 aside from pedestrians, they are bloody horrible path users.
  16. They are terribly inconsiderate. Everytime i try to ride the Tuono on the footpath these bicycle riders keep holding me up..... :LOL: :LOL:

    However, I do believe that bicycle riders do believe they are a law unto themselves. Just look at those tools that constantly break the law riding beach road.
  17. Tooooooooo true.
    Last April my neice got married at the Registry Office and we did the pics/vid in the park on the cnr of Flinders and Spring Sts. (I think it's known as the Fitzroy Gardens??) And yes, we had permission to use the park for photography.
    There would have been a group of about 80 family and friends milling around. I was amazed by the number of cyclists who tried to barge their way through the group as if it was their God given right to use to path.
    No wonder cyclists are not very well respected in Melb.
  18. I like being able to ride my bicycle through parks and gardens. Difference is though I do it with my girlfriend and our reason for being there is to tootle through slowly and relax.

    It's the frigging Cadel Evans wannabes that turn it all into a misery. One of them went off tap at Tammy for riding too slowly on the bicycle path along the Yarra. He calmed down when he saw 6'2" of me pulling up behind them both. Clearly it's a brave man who can wear spandex and shout at a 5' girl on a bicycle.

    They're usually the ones causing the problems on the roads as well.

    Arrogant prigs.
  19. +1 to everything you aid

    And I think you should be able to ride through at a leisurely pace. That's why they shouldn't be banned.
  20. Yeh the lycra warriors that exude rainbows and sunlight out their asses with a sanctimonious holier-than-thou attitude spoil it for those who just want to use a pushbike to get around.