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24k major service, 2011 ZX10-R

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by arc, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. $1,200 (mostly labour), took 1.5 days. Valve adjustment, 7100, all fluids...negotiated down $200 (1st time they'd done a major on this model). Steep? Hell yes. Would I go back again, uncertain. I have a relationship with this shop, but that was a _lot_ of money for a service & unexpected.

  2. How long you had the bike?
  3. Err, only about a week or two.... hehe

    But seriously that's a fair amount...:-s
  4. What was their hourly rate?
  5. Ouch. Still, after having done my own valves on a twin with the shim & bucket method, let me tell you saved a lot of heartache, & it was pretty quick really...

    Presuming your valve clearances actually need changing & not just checking?

    (Was the shop in Brooklyn?)
  6. 24k on a 2011? you don't waste much time do you?
  7. Nope, and maybe the first 24k service on a 2011 in the whole of Aus too...lol
  8. Odometer was just shy of 26k - maybe max 100kms of commuting. I'm told she was the first customer bike to roll out of a showroom in AU on Jan 7th. As it was the first major they'd done they used the gazetted indicative time to complete the service components as published by Kawasaki (they showed me a copy too), the real elapsed time was considerably more. Valves did need adjustment, never sighted the before and afters though. Air filter was disgusting.

    At the end of the day it's all about trust; do you trust your mechanic?

  9. and here I was thinking a major service on a european car was expensive. A Porsche Boxster S is about $1500, they have to lift the engine out of the back and they do it in a day. A bike shouldn't should be more than half of that price.
  10. Remove and Refit seat, tank, airbox, fairings and radiator - 2.5hr

    Remove and refit rocker cover check valve clearance - 1hr

    Remove and refit camshafts adjust valve clearance - 2hr

    Drain oil, change filter and plugs - .5hr

    I would think 6 - 8 hours labour is closer to the OEM spec (according to my service bulletin.) This should include fork oil and brake fluid.

    FWIW, I've never struck a 1000cc ninja engine needing any valve shim adjustments under 50,000kms.
    1. Parts $437.90 (head cover gasket, 4x plug hole gasket, 6x O ring, air filter, Motul 7100, Motul 5.1 brake fluid, 4x spark plugs, oil filter, drain plug gasket, coolant, "workshop sundries", fuel system cleaner)
    2. Labour $600

    Can't see any change interval for front fork oil in the workshop manual (Part No.99924-1443-01), no fork oil listed in the parts on my invoice.

  11. 26K in 6 months! WOW

    ..and here I was thinking that my 5300 KMs in 11 weeks was not too bad! :D
  12. In a modern OHC I4 engine, it would be easier to remove the engine when doing valves.
  13. 26k ks nice effort!, Ive got about 8000ks on my 2011 now. Im also struggling to keep my tire replacements and services at the same time, barely got 6000ks out of both front and the rear and thats just road riding lol. managed to wear out the sides of the front before the middle went flat :-/
  14. I've got 14k on my ZX14, delivered about the same time. I'd be more like 20 if I had more money. Still have my 12k service to look forward to - booked in next week - and I've been told to expect about $400. They will check the valve lash but it's unlikely to need adjusting.

    ... That's a lot of money for a service. You've got me frightened now.

    They delayed the introduction of that thing because there were issues with valve springs, and I understand they changed all the springs and collets and retainers and the cams, and perhaps the valves as well. Perhaps the Ver 2.0 springs are a bit heavy? I can understand they'd very much want to have a good careful look at the first one to cross their desk.
  15. Did you ask them to put 7100 in?? That stuff's kinda expensive and I would only use it on a dedicated track bike.

  16. Not sure if the comparisons are quite the same but I got my Zx6 (24k) done the other week for $700.

    That included motul 5100, air filter, oil filter, sparks plugs, fuel system cleaner, coolant, brake fluids, and a valve shim. Labour was about $500.

    Don't know if it's expensive but the bike runs like a dream.
  17. Yep, been on 7100 since the 12k service; also asked for the Motul 5.1; planning to do a lot more track days.

  18. ^^^ Cool. Nice work on the vid at Broadford by the way. I was there also and I saw you fanging' it around. Nice work.

  19. Confirmed that the fork oil was not replaced & three vales did need adjusting.