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243km/h madman motorcyclist !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zorba, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. http://www.sundaytimes.news.com.au/printpage/0,5942,17226280,00.html

    Police zero in on 243km/h madman

    POLICE are closing in on a biker dubbed the motorcycle madman – clocked at 243km/h on a Perth road.

    Dozens of outraged motorists contacted The Sunday Times after a Multanova photo of the speeding lunatic was published on last week's front page.
    Some had information on the mystery biker's identity, which was passed on to police.

    He was clocked at a staggering 243km/h in a 90km/h zone on Reid Highway at 7.15am last month.

    Police confirmed yesterday they had identified three "persons of interest" that they expected to interview this week.

    Reckless-driving charges are likely to be laid. The offence includes a minimum six-month loss of licence and a fine to be decided by a magistrate.

    Insp Neil Royle said police were determined to track down the offender and information from the public had been vital to the investigation.

    WA Road Safety Council chairman Grant Dorrington used a national summit in Perth this week to praise The Sunday Times and members of the public who gave information.

    He said anyone who put lives at risk by exceeding such speeds should be barred from WA roads.

    "People who travel at these speeds are a menace to the safety of everyone. They need to be found and taken off the road," Mr Dorrington said.

    "If he hits my family or yours, that's their lives gone."

    Police initially thought the same motorcyclist was caught on Reid Highway two hours later, this time doing 219km/h, but they now believe it was a second biker.

    The cases prompted outrage after revelations neither could be fined because motorcycles do not have front numberplates and the riders cannot be identified.

    The RAC said the introduction of front numberplates was not "rocket science" and it accused the State Government of dragging its heels after years of considering the issue.

    But Police Minister Michelle Roberts said she was waiting on the results of a Victorian trial testing stick-on plates that could be used on a variety of bikes.
  2. Pffffft 243?? ... Im sure theres much madder men here at netrider :wink:
  3. I've seen video footage of madder men them him from Netrider doing those sort of speeds and faster, on 1 wheel :shock:
  4. Interesting to see where these idiots think they're going to put the stick on front plate on my Speed Triple...
  5. Yeah, but with adjustment they could only get him for 240km/h :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. 243kph isnt "staggering" for a bike, it can get there and slow down so quick ... ignorant cagers!

    as for safety, I think they should remove all the cars and trucks from the roads, that way we bikers would be much safer.

    I think the real menace is people in cars! ... my friends in hospital coz some idiot in a car was racing round a corner and slid out straight into his bike!

    I for one dont feel like my safety is threatened coz some biker was going over 200 on the freeway ...

    ahh thats better....rant over
  7. Ghostrider goes down under !!
  8. It's not the speed per se that's the problem, it's the speed differential with other vehicles on the same road. Doing 2.4 times the posted speed limit is like putting MotoGp bikes in a 125 race, and having half the field riding in the opposite direction. He's surviving by luck, not skill, and it's only a matter of time before he kills himself or an innocent bystander......
  9. well,its not a smart idea to do that speed but im sure everyone on this forum,as pushed the limits with there bike or should i say achieved a PB (personal best) in the speed barrier.
  10. As if its luck, doesnt take much to get to those kind of speeds on a big bike and too slow back down again...thats 4th gear on a modern thousand
  11. nar, i bought a 750 so i could get to 100 real fast and stay there :wink:
  12. .......and while doing that speed while everything else is slower around him, I repeat it's only luck that's keeping him for hitting something. It's not a technical issue, it's an issue of speed differential.
  13. I see what your saying... i disagree that its all luck though. Sure theres a little luck needed but definately skill involved also.... Gotta make the right decisions at the right time is all... Its just that at that speed you gotta make em quick :p
  14. Yeah, I shouldn't say it's ALL luck, but when you read how many riders are brought down by a car backing out of a driveway and hitting a bike doing 80 kays, you have to think at 240 you've got virtually no time to react or avoid......
    I hope they catch him and slow him down, because whatever happens, he's going to kill himself and perhaps someone else, just for a short buzz.....
  15. well lets think 240 = 1km every 15seconds so guess he'll make one hell of a dent in the car reversing illegally out of there driveway!

    but seriously who cares 105 - 240, 3kph over it's still speeding and WE all do it!
    P.S. i totally enjoyed doing 278 today :p and no cars reversed illegally out of there driveway either!
  16. your all missing the point
    its the PR thats the issue ......... if u bonk ya neighbours wife and get caught .u r in deep shit .... dont get caught and nothing happens .... ANYONE remember the 70,s and gt falcons ????? ONE day the pollies will wake up to the fact that a 21 y/o can buy a motorcycle capable of over 300 kph off the showroom floor .. whan that happens u can all enjoy ya restricted 80 hp wonderboxes that do 100 kph ............ up here 4 thinkin ^^^^^
  17. 243kph, is that all!! Obviously wasnt riding a kwaka then.. :D :D
  18. Yeah, press beat up to create the public ferver for front numberplates......

    Of course doing that on a city road (I know the Reid Hwy being a sandgroper and all) is not too bright - if he's going to do it there are a million roads not too far from Perth with virtually no traffic, straight....with just the occaisional bit of wildlife to ruin your day....The more guys that do this sort of stuff "visibly" just make it easy for the "government" to implement things like front numberplates etc....

  19. Those are very unresponsible persons.... anyone knows a gixxer can do 300kph.
  20. LOL

    I love bikes :D