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240 - 24 volt convertor

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. hi guys... need to settle an argument, (and actually go get one if it exists).

    so you have something that runs off a car cigarette lighter, but have lost the 240v adapter for the power point. is there any adapters that plug into the walla, that the ciggy lighter thing can plug into??

    and do you have links to a source of pictures, or a place i can buy one from?

  2. Little confussed here, but that maybe due to the mass quantaties of aclamahole in my system and not reading your post right :LOL:

    You want an adaptor that goes from 240 down to 24v dc in the form of a ciggy lighter / female plug ?

    ps: there is plenty to chose from that go from 12 / 24 volt to 240ac but not sure about the other way.....

    my sugestion would be to use a std battery charger, and a female plug with pos/neg aligator clips which are available from repco etc etc
  3. www.jaycar.com.au

    and do a search on MP3029

    It's a 500mA Plug Pack unit.

    D1ck Smith or Tandy would also stock similar items as well.
  4. cheers... but more importantly... at least i won that bet
  5. Don't forget my 10% finders fee :LOL:
  6. the bet was with the mrs and i don't think the prize is "splittable" :LOL: