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24 year anniversary coming up next week

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomcatalex, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. The Milperra Massacre was the name of an incident which occurred on Father's Day 1984, or September 2nd 1984, in Milperra, a south-western suburb of Sydney, in which seven people were killed, including six motorcycle gang members and a young woman bystander.

    With its 24 year anniversary coming up next week, shit I’m old as I remember it doesn’t seem 1/4 of a century ago. And the Olympics on at the moment, I never knew gold Medalist boxer Philip McElwaine was the only motorcycle club member to be acquitted of the manslaughter and murder charges that were brought against him.

  2. There was a book written about it, called "Brothers in Arms"
  3. have you read it??

    is it more a factual book or story type? does it have any bias towards anyone or is it more of a third person view of events?
  4. Yeah, I've read it. It seems factual.
  5. Yea might look out for a copy.
    The funny thing is I ride past that pub nearly every day, not sure if its the exact same pub, is it the one off millperra road where the bp and maccas is next to ?
  6. I don't know Milperra at all.
    Read the book and make up your own mind.
  7. I remember the massacre well (as I should being 59 years old).

    I doubt if the true story will ever be told, though, and now less so than then.
  8. Those blokes are good at keeping things to themselves.
  9. Wasn't there some controversy some time back regarding the pics of the girl that was killed were actually of someone who is still alive today?
  10. I remember Milperra too. It made the news in the UK in a fairly big way. As I was just starting to get interested in bikes and bikers at the time, it made quite an impression on me.

    I seem to remember there's also some controversy over whether the girl was an uninvolved bystander or if she was the GF of one of the bikies and arrived with them.

    Doesn't make it right, of course, but is slightly different from other accounts where she was portrayed as having been selling raffle tickets for a local church group or whatever.

    And following on from that, if there is controversy around what is, at face value, a fairly easily checkable fact, I'd say there's bugger all chance of ever getting an unbiased account of the politics leading to the whole thing.
  11. Yeah, vikings Tavern Milperra. Bandido's and Comanchero's went at it. Father's day and there was a bike swap meet going on in the car park. The girl involved was quite young, but was friends with some of the guys from one of the gangs (can't recall which).

    There is some loony woman on the Internet (wish I could remember the address) who says that the pictures of the girl used in the newspapers at the time (and in the book) were actually pictures of her. She also rants on about how it was her name or some such nonsense. Worst looking site I have ever seen... All fluro colours and massive fonts, center justified etc. <shudder> :)

    If I recall correctly, the guys that were arrested were taken to Bass Hill Police station - which was a major station at the time (now its nearly empty).

  12. The dead are still dead, and the Bikers who did jail have done their time.
    Let's leave it go. We live in different times.
  13. I am in the middle of reading "The Ice Man" friggin sick and awsome at the same time.
  14. Great book mate. It's about a snowball fight between two patch clubs.
    The "Polar Bears M.C." versus the "Icebergs M.C."
  15. Have you been drinking and typing again?!?!

    I think we need an interlock device for your PC!! lmao
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Ktulu, you ARE the "Iceman"
  18. I have the book, and full court transcripts of the event.
  19. Joel, you would have been a little kid when it happened.

    Kishy, did your brother have anything interesting to say about it?
  20. yep, i was 5 rog.
    i have spent quite some time with a couple of people involved, one of which was shot in the face with birdshot. they dont like to talk about it much though.