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24 Hours to go. Custom Harley Competition - Vote for F.U.G.L.Y the first off-road Harley!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Petie, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]


    24 hours to go before the competition ends. Please take a second to vote!

    I just returned from off-road riding though South Africa on this bike along with the BMW 1200GS and for my money I'd rather be on the Harley. Apart from some planned suspension mods, it's a real off-road monster. If my buddy Hennie wins this competition, it will be the start of something big.. Help us pioneer the Off-Road Harley experience and with a bit of luck it won't be long before we'll have one here ready to go!


  2. So this is for you to win the Harley, not for the voter to win? if so, we dont allow that here
  3. I don't win anything.. It's a competition to vote for the best custom Harley in South Africa. If Hennie wins he'll work on building more, and at my own expense I will bring one over for us to check out here. I thought this would be very much in the spirit of what we're about on this forum. By all means if that's not the case, I apologise.
  4. very butch

  5. All good bro, just double checked with the admin :)
  6. HD have made off-road bikes all alon,g until people stopped thinking of them as such a short few decades ago. A simple shift in mindset (and of course in much better alternatives).

    Good on you for returning the Sportie to its roots.
  7. I didn't know there was an off-road edge to Harley in the past, do you have more info on this?. I have always been disinterested in the brand until I gave Fugly a good trashing. It's something special, Hennie took it through Namibia over 24 days with out missing a beat. Changed my perception of the brand that's for sure.
  8. obviously you've never watched any given sunday.

    harley's used to be competitive.
  9. Yeah, i'm pretty new to this. I saw some amusing off road stuff from ages ago, but nothing new that seemed to be a seriously useful option. I just fell in love with this bike because I did some serious riding with it over the last month.

    ..update for anyone who was mildly interested, it seems that in the last hour one of the other competitors came up from 26% to 49%.. don't know how that was possible, as it was taking about 50 votes to move 1%. Thanks to anyone who did take the time to vote :)