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24 hour petrol stations

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by rabsmarshall, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. hi everyone.

    not sure if there are any posts.. tried looking, but no luck yet. i was wondering if anyone knows if there is a 24 hour petrol station at Tenterfield NSW?

    before you ask..... Yes, i have looked at BP, Caltex websites for the store locators and I know that Caltex has indicated that their servo doesnt open until 6.30am. I would be getting to Tenterfield around 4.30am... and dont really want to be stuck there waiting for petrol. I do know that BP has two servos, but they dont tell me jack about opening hours..

    so.. if there is a list already... or if anyone knows, that woudl be really helpful.

    thank heaps..
  2. Give them a call, I'm sure staff could tell you their hours

    I've toured australia numerous times in my car, I prefer an unplanned trip where I just drive and explore, as a result I've had a fair few times where I've had to just sleep in the car for 4-8 hours waiting for a servo to open! I guess that isn't much of an option on a bike though heh
  3. A lot of country ones are now self serve 24 hrs but you need credit cards.
  4. The reception for the Caravan Park you have found is open 24 hrs but nothing is said about the opening hours of the attached BP Service Station! I live in a similar setup and the BP service station closes at 11pm and opens at 5 am.

    The OP would be advised to call as has been suggested.

  5. http://www.roamfree.com.au/bp-seven-knights-caravan-park-32935
  6. Get a hold of a HOG touring handbook, dosent show where it is in town but marks towns with 24 hr servo. 2011 one shows 24hr Fuel in Tenterfield.
    Sometimes toiletmap.gov.au will show a service station/roadhouse open 24hr with toilets.
    Carry CCard as some small towns may be 24hr self service.
  7. I filled up about 11 or 12pm in tenterfield in january, and iirc there was more than one servo open