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24 and jumping on 2 wheels from now on

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by JCL, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have decided to join you all on the roads on 2 wheel transportation and will be going to get my L's in a couple of weeks.

    Basically, im sick of putting $50 every few days into my car when work is less than 10kms away so with friends advice I have decided to take my teenage dirt bike experience on to the road and buy myself a 250.

    I have quite a few friends that have given me relevant advice and one works as a mechanic at a motorbike place so I just need to get my L's and I may pick one up that afternoon.

    In terms of bikes... I have decided to look at the following with any my mechanic mate believes to be in good order at a good price worthy of my cash:

    Honda Spada
    Honda VTR
    Honda CBR250RR
    Kawasaki ZXR250A & C
    Yamaha FZR250.

    Of the above I personally would like to get a hold of the Spada, I just have a thing for the naked bikes and if I can find a Spada cheap will definately buy it.

    This forum for information is absolutely fatastic, I am excited in finding it on the net and am sure I will use it very frequently. I have been working on cars for about 10 years now and am very much looking forward to getting my hands on to a bike to play around with.


  2. where ya from mate?

    go the VTR :grin: i am! yeeah im the same as you, i prefer things to be naked :LOL:

    actually very much the same, im about 12km from work lol. if your there for a while, and you dont mind the exercise (its fun :)) get a pushy, n ride.

    10km = 20min cruisy riding. no petrol involved :cool:

    these forums are awesome, you wont believe how much you can learn from just reading what others have experienced, and have to say.

    either way, get a VTR too :grin:
  3. hey,
    good move! I had the same thing, I had a clubbie, was chowing about 120 a week,

    Where abouts are you from? My brother upgraded (since his sister had a bigger bike than him) and has a FZR250 for sale. Immaculate condition.
  4. welcome to the two whelled fraternity mate.

    thought id add my two cents worth on the bike...

    be careful about buying grey imports as they can be tricky/expensive to get parts for or to repair. The CBR 250 is exceptional cause honda imported them for a whil so they have to offer parts backup. but stuff like a FZR or ZX2R can be more of a headache.

    thought the VTR sounded a good option- as a commuter the twin engine will give more toeque than a four hence will be easier to ride..

    Have Fun!

  5. Good move, you won't look back :grin:
  6. I live in Albert Park, Melbourne and work in Richmond. Its hard to find parking in the area with cars but I have a ground floor apartment with a courtyard I could lock the bike up in so am really looking forward to getting a hold of one.

    In terms of bikes, I would like to get a hold of a VTR but cost is an issue there, I know for certain I will only have the bike for 12 months so dont want to spend over 4.5K on one seeing LAMS comes in next year 250's may go down in price. Saving for a house too so dont want to part with all my savings.

    But as I said, my mate is a mechanic at a well known bike mechanic/dealer in melbourne and either plan on trying to get one cheaper through his work or going privately and having him check it out.

    Best mate has a ZXR250A which he likes but having his brother as a bike mechanic ensures it is always running well.

    Thanks for all the advice....