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24,000klm service due?????Help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Dr DRIFT, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Ok,

    I bought my CBR 1000rr brand new and since have had it serviced as per owners manual and ontop of that, done oil change every 2500klms as an extra (I am really harsh with my bike and cars).

    Now I have to do my 24,000klms major service and it states that I need to do the normal oil, filters, coolant replace sort of stuff etc... but it also states that it needs to have the valves checked....?

    Now my mechanic says that there is no point in doing the check? Because in all his years of doing them, they are a waste of time and money at 24,000klms... and he has only ever needed to do it at around 36,000klms and even then it is very inlikely needed adjustment..? And that the only bikes that need to be done was Kawasaki..(7000klms) supossedly Yammahas, suzukis and hondas have very good valves and shims and dont need adjusting at such a young age????

    Now he normally charges $400 for full service and tune incl's throttle body adjustments.Head stem adjustments etc..

    If I wanted to do the valve clearance its $400 ontop.....

    So what I am asking is, should I take his advice and wait til next major 36,000klms or should I bite the bullet and do as Honda Manual says???

    I am not mechanically minded and dont want to waste money where not needed...could buy a new helmet with the extra money...
  2. Usually you can hear it or notice it if the valves are out - and I've heard the same story before about them not needing to be checked (even for my Kwaka). When I did get them checked, they were fine (30,000km).

    I'd say if you're worried about cost, you could save a little on your oil changes! Even being particularly harsh, I doubt you need to change the oil more often than every 5,000km. Unless of course you're using cheap oil. ;)
  3. If the rest of the bike is "over serviced" drop the valve check. Your mechanic will be a good judge on how the mill sounds and I'd be happy to be guided by him.
    If the history was not known it would be a different story.
    Save your cash mate.
  4. I've heard the same thing abut valves not movng much, but $400 on top - five hours labour? Maybe for us incompetents :oops:

    How old is the bike? Does it have any warranty left?

    Are you thining of selling bike? Next owner would assume valves done if book stamped, unless written down to check at 36K.
  5. I'd also say go elsewhere for those hours! Just checking clearances on ANY bike is maybe 2-3 hours tops.
    I would get them checked too, the valves you don't need to worry about are the ones that are noisy, but the ones that do danage are the quiet ones, the ones that have lost clearance for whatever reason. They are the ones that stay open and burn or warp.
    Get them checked now, and forget about them for 25k kms.
    I firmly believe two things must be checked and checked regularly, cam chains/belts and valve clearances. Both of these are pretty much engine breaking failures and wil cost a LOT.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. lol i would want my valves re seated/honed for that price.

    what he said its 2 hours of work and no parts involved $60per Hr x 2 = $120
    i dont know wtf he is chargin u the extra $300 dollars for.

    I know for a fact that if a shop doesnt want to do a job they will just quote u a ridculose amount in the hopes u will piss of. or do the job and make a killing.
  7. I reckon that charge is typical of a valve adjustment for most bikes these days.

    I do reckon you're getting overcharged for your routine services though.

    How long do you plan on keeping the bike? The valves will need to be checked sooner or later, it'll also look better on your service book when selling (if you've had all scheduled services so far).

    I'd get it done for peace of mind, I don't think anyone could say that not one CBR1000 hasn't needed any valves adjusted at this mileage. Worst case scenario and all...

    Even better, get a workshop manual and do it yourself, it's not hard just takes time.
  8. I'd be VERY suspicious if a shop charged me only $120 for a valve check!!
  9. what mech charges only $60 per hour ?

    OP if you are already changing your own oil then there is no reason you cant do any of the other work, none of it is rocket science

    $400 to do the valve clearance on top of the normal service costs ? well thats maybe if they had to adjust any , but if he feels that they should be in spec then it should only be an hour or 2 tops extra to check them
  10. maybe u like giving away money.
    any private mechanic (meaning not a huge place on a busy street with a showroom) will charge around 50-70 dollars per hour. In the case of the cbr he would take as much time checkin the valves as taking the fairing of and on.
  11. the manual says to do a check for a reason. Unless that mechanic has ultrasonic hearing and x ray vision, then he has no idea what's REALLY happening in the engine

    why risk it? not happy with the quote? get a second/third opinion.

    $400 although robbery, is still cheaper than a dropped valve.
  12. He told me that unless you have done a valve check on the new cbr you wont understand why the cost...

    He reckons that R1 (new one) is the hardest then the new CBR...?
  13. Thanks everyone for there replys,

    Now im confused more than ever as some say do it and some say wait???

    But there is one thing in common with everyone that he is alittle over priced??

    Anyway with the bike its a 2006 CBR 1000RR that I got brand new in april 2006... ive gotten her serviced as per manual plus extra oil changes every 2500klm...(thats what I do in my car)??? good for the car but for bike maybe alittle over the top???? Use to getting $400 for service and tune but $800 for service and tune.......But he says that major service on bikes is a biggy....?

    Now Ive spent over $8000 with this shop with mods,extras and servicing in the last year, so I have always thought he would look after me with prices but it sounds like his been over charging alittle???

    But in his defence alot of other people that go there all pay roughly the same, as i have spoken to afew of his customers.... He has also stated to me, that Unless u have done the valve job yourself you will not understand how much work is involved in the new CBR?? Its not like the older bikes??

    Thanks all,

  14. Yes I want the old days back again.................. :wink:
  15. lol thats wawt i get charged, On the rare ocasions i have to visit the shop.
  16. where ?
  17. I'll be totally honest here, I can't see it being any tighter getting the rocker cover off than teh GTR, and it also has plastics that have to come off.
    Frankly, I think anything over 3 hours for ANY bike is just scratching your balls time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Dr Drift on a forum like this you will always get alot of expert??? advice.
    I would have the valve clearances checked at the specified interval. You do not state what is being done for $400 so how can anyone comment on the price you are being charged? Are you going to a dealer or a private mechanic? For a minor service at a dealer I would expect to pay about $240 using a good quality oil. $400 for valve adjustment sounds about right. Our bikes get more compact and harder to work on every year. I would not be surprised if you had to drop the engine out of the frame to do a valve check these days. If you are happy with the quality of work and the service you receive at this shop stick with them and get your valves done then sleep easy. Chances are they will not need adjusting but you never know.
  19. I had my 2004 CBR for 30,000km. The bike was serviced at the 6,000km or 6mth intervals whichever came first). The minor services were $2-300 (no more). The major was around the $400+ mark. The valve check was an expensive day, around $700. I have the receipts and can dig them out for you if you need. When the valves were checked, the mechanic said the engine looked like new from the top.

    You are being overzealous with your oil changes. There is no way you need to change them at 2,500km. Just maintain the recommended intervals and use good oil and you will be fine.

    At the major change, I believe they also change the plugs. Access to the plugs is quite involved and they are $25 a piece.

    If you love your bike (as it seems you do), the difference between being overcharged and the right cost isn't that big. Having a good relationship with your mechanic is always a good idea, you don't know how and when you might need their help. Just don't be the one putting their 1st and 2nd born through university.
  20. I reckon you didn't read half (or any) of the other responses.........

    Regards, Andrew.