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230kph being tailed by a Police bike: video

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heli, May 26, 2010.

  1. I guess the rear view mirrors must have been an optional extra for this fellow: 2+ minutes being tailed by a motorbike cop, and peaked at 143mph (230kph) :rolleyes:

    Video :eek:

  2. At those upper speeds, the rear view mirror is'nt where your eyes are, so forget that idea. Pity though that he did'nt spot the police bike earlier before he gave it some stick.

    What I WOULD like to know though, is WHY the cop did'nt pull the bloke over when he had the chance! (There was a point where the rider slowed and he could easily have drifted up alongside and pulled him over). Instead he allowed a potentially dangerous situation to get FAR worse than it ever needed to.

    The idea is to stop people from doing silly things...not stand by why they do it, and then hold off to see if they are going to do anything worse, endangering everyone concerned even more. (taking the high moral ground)
    Derelection of duty in my book...A clear case of the cop salivating over an opportunity for "a chase". He also nearly bit off more than his police bike could chew. Near the end he gets the wobbles up, possibly from hard braking, or soft suspension at the high speeds. pfuh!
  3. You're right Raven, the cop was in the right lane, the motorcyclist in the left lane stuck behind a car. What does the cop do? He moves into the left lane behind the motorcyclist so the motorcyclist can perform a safe overtake and continue speeding. Public safety? Bullshit!

    Having said that, the motorcyclist had either terrible situational awareness or a big ego. If someone is speeding to catch up to me, motorcycle or motorcar, I wave them past, anything else is naive and stupid in a nanny-state like Victoria or the UK.
  4. I think it's easy to criticise. The professionalism of the HWP in the UK is not too bad and the rider had already given themselves lots of rope to hang themselves with. We weren't there, we don't know if there was a reason why the copper chose not to pull alongside, there may be many reasons why he chose not to.
  5. Fair enough Cejay. Maybe he was waiting for the motorcyclist to leave the motorway before pulling him over. Maybe he was still calling in the plates. I shouldn't speculate.

    Having said that, the cop had hit 111 mph (179 kph) trying to keep up with the motorcyclist before the motorcyclist slowed to around 60 mph for a breather. Seemed like an appropriate opportunity to end it there. I guess it's just different to the way they seem to do business down here. So I heard ... :bolt:
  6. I love this coming from a guy who's name is 'Speed Demon'
  7. The video lasted just over 2 minutes. We don't know if he had set his lights off in an effort to pull the bike over and that last burst of speed was an effor by the rider to try and get away. It is easy to be an arm chair critic when we don't have all the facts and no experience in both sides of the event.
  8. That reminds me, I was going to change my username to Captain Slow ...
  9. I don't doubt what you say about the UK Police at all Ceejay. I respect the british coppers on the whole.
    But, in THIS particular case, that cop should have nailed that bloke when he took a breather behind the truck...It was handed to him on a silver platter. A golden opportunity, and if I was his boss, he'd be on my sh*it-list for endangering the public unnecessarily due to his inaction. If he'd pulled up beside the rider in the adjacent lane, and pretty much blocked him in and the bloke did a runner, THEN!.... it's on.

    But no...he dropped in behind when he already had plenty of evidence, so a little birdie is telling me, that this cop was up to something....what reason could there be for allowing the bloke to speed off again, unimpeded, endangering the public further, as well as himself and that of the rider...?

    Sorry mate...not meaning to sound disagreeable - I'm just pretty firm on this one.

    (again - I'm taking the high moral ground here which is a hat that does'nt fit too well) :)

  10. HAHA
    Yeah might be a good idea if you are going to be preaching caution.
    Although i doubt anyone is crazy all the time, in terms of wreckless riding.
    Everyone has their moments where they just have to twist the throttle
  11. iirc the cops have some unmarked hayabusa's in england. good luck getting away on a straight at least.
  12. I've seen a few of the UK cop shows on pay TV. One of them, 'Road Wars' spends time with a traffic unit. Quite often, when in pursuits like this the person being chased will slow down, speed up, make like they're about to pull over, then speed off etc... I imagine in this case the copper was just waiting to make sure.

    You say that the rider may not have known what was behind him. I'd contend that he was well aware and the whole slowing down thing was a ruse to confuse the copper. You'll notice he really went for it just after that.

    You can also see that the police lights were on with the reflections from the back of the plate. So I think that the copper was merely following a plan to only pull the rider over at a time when he knew he would then not make off again.
  13. #13 chrome, May 27, 2010
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    [media=youtube]EzK45nBzIXA[/media] for the proxy impaired.

    as far as not pulling him over is concerned, I don't think any of us know what the procedures are that they have to follow, so its a bit hard to make judgments on how the copper behaved.

    edit: Linked story


    Maybe the bike was unmarked, and doesn't have any lights or sirens. Or just basic ones. Bit hard to fit those on a sports bike :)
  14. I'd wager that most riders would see a fellow biker behind who's following along for the fun of it by the way that cop was riding so I'm not surprised he didn't stop straight away (assuming there were no lights or indication from the cop bike).

    As a side note, do we have unmarked bike cops in Australia?
  15. Yep we have thenmhere in vic.
    The ones I've seen here have been black.. (I call them stealthies)
  16. Aaahhh. Brings back memories this does :grin:

    'Cept it was an unmarked Sierra Cosworth and I got let off with a "good verbal bollocking".

    Those were the days :LOL:.
  17. I saw one recently in Cheltenham, Vic.
    It was a *very* plain looking bike, not even newish and cleanish-looking as you'd expect. I didn't see what sort it was, but it was a dull reddish colour.

    Stivor (ish)
  18. VicPol have a couple of BMW K1200GT's, one is dark blue & (I think) the other is black. The MCP wears a dark blue jacket, with blue police badges on the upper arms which aren't very apparent! Police radio antennae and the flashing lights behind the windshield are the only tell tale signs, by which time it's probably too late.......
  19. Dunno about that, at 150+ if I don't know the rider following I wouldn't be so friendly, they might be a liability so I'd wave them past.

    With me being an arrogant douchebag that says something: no one has that much bravado as to not be suspicious of a guy following their route like that and play street racer.
  20. I don't know about you, but if I am fanging it and I see a bike coming up behind me, I button off. It's the first rule! Until I know who it is, treat everyone (esp when you are doing wrong) to be the law.

    As for no lights, you can see his flashing lights in several of the motorway signs and even a reflection of his number plate.