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22y.o insurance quotes. Some numbers from AAMI.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by taiheung, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Hey fellas,

    Just thought I would share some numbers I got from AAMI for comprehensive insurance under finance on some brand new bikes.
    To give you my profile: 22.yo. riding 1 year with no "at fault" claims.

    To put this into perspective on the '07 Hyo GT250R I pay approx: $700pa.

    If anyone else has insurers that a) will insure and b) beat this, post up!
    Also post comments! While I expected the insurance on the Ducati 848cc I was surprised by the cost on the Daytona 675cc. Considering the cost of the two bikes the YZF-R6 in comparison is a steal! (please not literally :grin: )
  2. Have you tried Western QBE? We found they were best priced in Qld for inexperienced me (riding 10 weeks) and best overall coverage for my husband and all his bike's accessories (worth more than my bike!).
  3. Not surprising....

    AAMi wanted over $450 to insure my Spada.

    QBE wanted $228 and were the best coverage ant the best price formy situation

    IF aami's quote are as overpriced for larger bikes i'd say you can do a LOT better.
  4. i found AAMI to be the best for me....

    then again i think they screwed up the initial quote, and my second premium with them, i had a mate who works there sort that one out :wink:

    im paying $601 full comp for a vtr250 at $7k agreed. im 20yo male, less that 1 year riding, 1 claim.

    pretty fkn good i think :grin:

    on the other end of the scale, RACV quoted me $3277 full comp for a '04 vtr250, and this was before my claim!! :shock:
  5. What about an R1???
  6. i just knocked up insure my ride......... :shock: :shock:

    i thought to myself that id be able to afford to insure my next bike but im seing 2 and 3 thousands for nearly every bike that i was considering even the nakeds.

    22yo 1yr no claims ect.

    and right now they wanted more than a grand to insure my across....theyre dreaming. will be doing some ringing around when its time to upgrade but it dosent look good
  7. If you are under 30 they kill you..

    I assume the 675 is dear being a Triumph.

    Your Jap manufacturers bikes are genarally the cheapest to insure.
  8. Do we have any 'friends' in the insurance business out of curiousity? :wink:
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  10. Get a quote off insuremyride.com.au

    I'm insured with them for an '02 636cc, under $1000 premium and I'm under 25.
  11. I have just tried www.ebikeinsurance.com.au and got quoted at almost $800!! insuremyride quoted me at $1800!!! Can anyone tell me what's the catch??
  12. that you're 30 years old?
    I dunno. I obviously haven't gotten my full license yet so maybe that is somehow factored into the quotes - but I doubt it. these were indicative quotes and the lady knew why I was asking (ie for when my fulls arrive).
  13. The catch for eBike is here:-

  14. In english, please! :LOL:
  15. Means that your money goes with the parent company which is in a small tax haven island in the tropics.

    If you have a problem, you cannot rely on the insurance act as they are not an authorised insurer under the act.

    What you are essentially signing is a contract that can then only be challenged if there are issues (like not paying claims) in the courts. Which means, if they do anything that you feel is not honouring the contract - you need to find a lawyer, and may need to chase your money in that small tax haven island.

    The reality?

    It would all likely go ok and in order to continue trying to break into this market - they will honour their contracts. If the crapola hits the fan in a big way - say goodbye to your money.

    Advice would be to stick with the aussie majors..
  16. AAMI in general don't insure bikes with a capacity over 1000cc... bikes aren't their forte, so you may get some good quotes and some bad quotes, and it's also why you can't get a quote online, a neglected part of their business....
  17. I was quoted 9000 from NRMA.

    Incidentally, its 2000 with my dad as primary.
  18. 9000 :shock: thats half the price of the bike

    however they wanted like 2grand for my ~4grand across
    and nearly every quote ive done online ive been looking at 4+ for a new bike. its just so expensive i cant justify it, but i know i should have insurance especially when i get a big bike