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22nd-28th Newie to Yamba and back

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Bartz, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Ok so I'm a bit impulsive, after over 4000Kms in 2 weeks I'm at it again....

    Ditching Xmas for reasons obvious in my intro posting. I'm heading from Newie - via Thunderbolts Way to Armidale, sleep, then up to Yamba via Nymboida, staying at Yamba Hotel 3 nights (have quad rooms for $30 a head) then heading back via Dorrigo and the Waterfall Way to South West rocks, where I'm going to do a couple of days scuba diving then head back to Newie via Oxley hwy and Thunderbolts again. A nice 1500kms to add to the log...damn bike is in need of a service already!!!
    Anyone wanting to do the trip or meet me for parts of it or for a beer :beer: in armidale/yamba or South West Rocks let me know here or by PM.

    Does anyone have any current knowledge of the road conditions between armidale and grafton?

    Merry Christmas all, can't say I'm in such a festive mood but am definitely in a riding one!!!
  2. Hey Bartz.

    Just wonderin'...did ya make it back from Yamba...since ya took off, we haven't seen any posts from you.

    Wouldn't be surprised if he's just taken off and still out there somewhere....doing the Kms

    How are you still enjoying your riding/touring...C'mon..we need a follow-up



  3. Hey Dave
    Yes I made it back in one piece and had an awesome time. Rode up Thunderbolts (twisties) then from Armidale direct across to Grafton on some little windy track(twisties) then up to Yamba. Hotel on the beach, very nice! Day trip out the backroads to lismore (twisties) and out to Byron for a swim then back to Yamba. Then to Glen Innes (twisties) then down Waterfall way (twisties) to SOuth West Rocks to go diving but too rough so down to Port Mac and up the Oxley Hwy (twisties) and back down thunderbolts (of course twisty).
    Ahhh the bike is a few thousand overdue for a service now! I am joining the Olympics for extreme riding as most of this was as usual in the pouring rain. The only twisty road that was dry was the bottom of Oxley, where I felt very Stoner-like getting the bike over in a corner and wearing a chunk off my boot!!!
    I reckon I must go close for a record in kays for an L plater.
    Next I want to go to Superbikes in Feb but think I need company this time so might have to see if there's any takers
  4. I did Sydney-Armidale-Coffs Harbour in about April last year, Thunderbolts and the dorrigo rd are some of my favourites. In my case I got caught in a storm on the way up which I tried to wait out, but just ended up running out of daylight and having to ride thunderbolts in the dark in every variation of shitty weather. When it stopped raining the fog set in. Good times.

    Going up the really twisty bit of thunderbolts I could make out the centreline of the road and the next red reflector post on the left. Those were my only reference points. The surface was shithouse after the rain, and with essentially no visibility on the wet road, all I could do was stay loose on the bike and let it find it's own way. **** knows what potholes sand and gravel I was slipping around on.

    The next day I did Armidale to Coffs via Dorrigo, still pouring rain but at least I did it in daylight. It's a great run in any conditions.
  5. G'day Bartz

    What was the road from Armidale through Nymboida then to Grafton like at the moment Bartz?

    Also, I'll be doing the thunderbolts way from Glouster to Uralla then to Bundarra in march...is that the peice of road that's all chopped up?

    I know Grafton & Yamba very well, lived up there for 9 years back in the late 70's/early to id 80's and often go back to see the folks.

    We'll have to meet for a ride n a coofee soon


  6. Hey Dave
    Yes the armidale Grafton road was not the best in the really windy section but then it was torrential rain so it probably seemed scarier than it is. Overall the road is ok though apart from the 4 or 5 kangaroos on the road over a crest with a 4wd right up my ass as I jumped on the brakes!!!
    Thunderbolts is ok, there's been so much rain everywhere that there hasn't been a stretch without the odd 3 foot deep pot hole!!! I think Grafton to glen innes had been the best ride as nice road and not too much rain!
    Coffee and a ride sounds good...I'm off to superbikes in feb if you're interested?
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  7. I think I'm off next sunday if it's suitable Bartz....we'll see how it goes.

    I'm not really a Bike racer fan..more a tourer...so I'll give the superbikes thing a miss.

    In late march, i'm taking off for a couple of weeks to attend a Suzuki V-strom Rally at Bingara so I'll either go up via Glouster then Thunderbolts way to Inverell, have a night out with my l'ill sister for her B'day then head to the rally on friday or go via my oldie's place at grafton.
    From there I'll be heading up towards Balandean on the way to Stanthorpe for a BBQ & Booze up, after recovery I'll head up to maleny to see an ol' schoolmate, then start headin' back probably via Mt Lindsay Hwy and Summerland way to grafton and i'll flip a coin for the way back.....via coffs & kempsey or Armidale and Glouster...decisions decisions!!