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220kph in 80 zone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Here's ze article

    What a crazy psycho!

    This man clearly isn't normal!!

    Outrageous conduct and totally unAustralian!!!

    ---> 4:55am? That's way too early in morning the day after boxing day!
  2. damn bad luck. 5am jaunts should be good odds against the fuzz

    love the 250cc-restriction journalism
  3. Ther is a time and a place for everything. If he cant get to track , sounds like he picked the right time and (nearly). I bet the safetynazi's get theirmileage out of this one.
  4. Poor sucker must have been stuck in 3rd ;)

  5. Yes - the poor buggers throtle cable probably seized and was stuck on full rev's. He was probably a considerate guy who didn't want to wake the neighbourhood by reving at 10000rpm?
  6. He was only a few ticks under three-times the posted limit, on a bike he shouldn't have been riding, but what the hey, he's probably a nice boy, kind to animals and known for helping little old ladies across the street, and Pat O'Shane or one of our moronic magistrates will let him off with a caution and blast the police for being over-zealous at such an early hour of the morning :roll:.
  7. Why are we judging this person?

    Shit, I was doing 3-4 times the limit yesterday on a road that was marked at 70km/h. dead straight, nothing but farms either side of me.

    Would have sucked to be me had I had a spill but hey, ya gotta live ;)

    None of us were there, we don't know the conditions, we don't have a right to judge :roll:
  8. C'mon Vic, so it's ok blatantly and seriously to break the law as long as I judge that it's safe to do so? That's not an argument, that's anarchy....
  9. Onya Vic :p

    EDIT - Warringah Freeway always a risk - but no cigar this time

    And article also wrong - NSW P platers can ride a bike up to 650 - but never let the truth get in the way of a good story :wink:

  10. So I take it that you have never exceeded the speed limit Paul?

    If you say you have not, you are lying, if you say that you have then you have broken the law and you judged for it to be safe to do so at the time..

    By your argument, 1km/h or 100km/h over the limit is equally as naughty as each other..
  11. I don't know the road, so don't know why it's limited to 80kmh. Generally though it's because the road might be of poor condition, have entry/exits or close proximity to residential areas.

    I think there is a time and a place for most things.
  12. No, Vic that's not what I meant at all, and of course, I've driven and ridden over the limit. Whether it was good judgment at the time is another matter. But surely being nearly three times over the posted limit of 80 kph is utterly indefensible??? The RTA makes a judgment as to the safe speed limit for the road and sets it accordingly, and while we are trying to contain a road toll that is contributed by all sorts of factors, speed being among them, this peanut does nearly three times over the limit, on a bike he shouldn't have been riding in the first place. Where's the defence for that???
  13. I haven't read the article so I don't know what time he got pinged.

    If it was at 3am would it be as dangerous as if he did the same thing at 3pm?

    I think the safety nazis are twitching ;)
  14. And we know the RTA is just full of good judgement aren't they. That's why we are restricted to 100kmh on Hwy's that would be unlimited in Europe, to 40kmh around some schools......................but not others? Are some students more important than others? Why are roads deemed safe at 100kmh in years gone by, now only safe to travel at 60kmh?
    Speed limits are set according to the lowest denominator i.e. Granny who can't see too well, driving her HK with drum brakes in the wet, not in relation to a litre sports bike with a rider who can handle it.

    RTA/VicRoads + judgement..............shouldn't be in the same sentence unless the word BAD preceeds judgement!
  15. yep, true, but there has to be a line.

    dood made a choice to wind her up at that particular time, crossed line, got busted, will pay dearly for it.

    could have happened to anyone who has devilish urges at times.....

    its the chance you take.
  16. I would say the speed limit needs to be lowered to 60.
  17. Anarchy in the uk baby! ill buy this man a beer.
  18. I think it is OK to go a bit faster when your out on an open road when there is no-one else around. But, again it should be withing a reasonable speed.

    What is a reasonable speed? Faster than I go is stupid, slower than I go is a woos.
  19. The road is the entrance to the Harbour Bridge, a few km's of multi lane road. I have sped along this road numerous times, although never at 220 :p

    If there was any place to open up ya bike/car close to the CBD, then Warringah Expressway would be the place - big wide lanes, plenty of run off and very little chance of hitting on-coming traffic.

    So did this guy, and nine times out of ten he would have had no worries :wink:
  20. I'm with you Joel could have happened to anyone who has an occasional need for speed, when I have an urge I occasionally ride to a country area I know the road and do a run at about the speed limit down this straight smooth stretch of road then if all is clear I turn around and give it a bit of stick, and usually get to around 270 kph before my Arse starts to Pucker up too much and I back off, but boy its a rush.
    Now I know a lot of people will brand me a lunatic but frankly I dont care, I go to a place I consider safe I weigh up the risks and go for it, after all you only live once.