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22/6/10 Police Kew Boulevard

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by smoky, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. For those who are commuting home thru the B'ld there are 2 marked police bikes in full view parked beside the road (as of 25 min ago). No radar gun in sight. They look like they want to have a "chat" to motorbikes as one had a large notepad and the other officer just looked cold.

    Went past them on my pushy :0)

  2. Re: Police Kew Boulevard

    I hope you were making engine broom-broom noises as you went past. ;)
  3. Re: Police Kew Boulevard

    did you pop a wheelie?
  4. Re: Police Kew Boulevard

    Did you turn off all your neons in time?
  5. Re: Police Kew Boulevard

    Next time stop and ask, your paying them.
  6. By Kew Boulevard... do you mean Yarra Boulevard?

    They were there tonight. It's just Black Flag/Yellow flag still... well... for us it was.

    For the guy stopped behind us it was for doing 100kmh in a 50 zone.

    (Psst... if you're on here... there's a blitz on. Probably not the best idea to do flying laps of the boulevard at the moment ;) )
  7. 2 police motorcycles there again today when I passed at about 4:30...
  8. Funny how "hazardous road conditions" now involves reported sightings of cops on the road.
    I fear the sight of a few cops on the road more than some oil or tree debris...
  9. Why? Are you carrying drugs? :-s
  10. naaa

    he goes too fast to be carrying drugs... they'd all blow away
  11. The penalties would be a lot less if that was all he did.