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22/02 Afterwork Dandenongs

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Urban, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Sunny and 28 Degrees

    Anyone up for a ride through the hills?

    I'm planning on leaving from The Basin shops around 530-600 and heading out to Emerald via Olinda and Monbulk, then back up to Mt D observatory through Belgrave and Kallista.
    Maybe about 60 kays all up.

    All welcome.

  2. Did that ride or one similar early Saturday morning. Went from Narre Warren to Berwick, Becaonsfield, Pakenham, Gembrook, Cockatoo (bloody post manager thinks this is a swear word and bleeps it out, its the place where most of the Ash Wednesday bush fires were and the name of a native Australia bird), Emerald, Upper Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield, Berwick, Narre Warren, good sixty kms. Unfortunately will not be able to make it tomorrow, but enjoy, great ride.
  3. depends on a few meetings be able to confirm later on the 22nd
  4. Urban,

    I'm in...see you about 5:30...will be on a silver Hornet
  5. Cheers mate, look forward to it.
  6. There is a few of us leaving from Narrie KFC about 6 ish heading up to the
    "pie in the sky" at Olinda via Emerald / Monbulk etc so your welcome to join us or we may just see you up there

    :twisted: :p :twisted:
  7. Could be a goer for me, leaving for bendigo now, hopefully be back in Franga not too late this afternoon. How long would it take me to get to the Basin form Frankston? Or is there anywhere closer to here that I can meet up? Or is there anyone from out this way going?
  8. OK,

    Meet at The Basin shops (CNR Mountain HWY and Forest rd The Basin)530pm for a 600pm depart.

    Frankston to The Basin would probably be an hour. If your coming from over there it may be easier to hook up with VTRbob at Narre, that pakenham rd is a good one.

    Will see you on top of the hill.
  9. Urban,

    Love to folow you round those roads - I might learn how to corner! If I'm there then I'll see you, but there is only a 50/50 possibility right now so don't wait for me.

  10. hola urban,

    last minute change of mind!!

    Just in case u check the forum, Untame_Me and I are leaving work now and will try and catch u at the Basin shops before 6pm.
  11. can't make it Urban, but i will be joining up with Bob's group.
  12. Just got back from Bendigo, home later than I thought. Wont be able to make it in time tonight. Have a good ride...
  13. What fantastic weather for it! Just been riding around my area and it's just perfect. Have fun guys :)
  14. Urban,

    Thanks for the ride mate Danny and I had a ball...we will have to make this a semi regular sort of thing...


  15. Sorry Urban...Untame_Me and I were making good time to the meet point until we lost the map on the Eastern Freeway!! :oops: :LOL:
  16. Sorry we missed you guys, but we got away later than 1st expected,
    and got to run down the mountain in the dark :twisted: 8)

    We left Narrie at 7 and got to Olinda via..
    Hallam / belgrave rd , then Monbulk :D
    Coffee at a nice little cafe i'd never found b4, 9 something to do with everything else being closed lol

    maybe next time huh ? going to try and do this or similar at least once a week after work while we have the good weather :)
  17. I couldnt make this time as I have no bike at the moment, but I work in bayswater and will be up for it if posted again!
  18. Two words for you Clueless. GAFFA & TAPE

    VtrBob wrote:
    We were talking about the same thing last night, gotta make the most of this weather & only a bit over a month of daylight savings left too.