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21st Oct Melbourne

Discussion in 'VIC' started by gsxrjames, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Anyone interested in a ride this Thursday 21st Oct?
    I’ve got the day off and its 25c and sunny.

    I don’t have anything in mind. Maybe hit some of the more popular roads (out east) that are usually jammed up on weekends. I’m not that quick, so if your free and up for 350-400kms let me know :D

  2. G'day mate,
    I'm planning on heading northbound, from northern suburbs, through the twisties towards Yea, Mansfield, Whitfield, Oxley, Bright, Hotham Heights, ending up in Omeo.
    Meeting up with some mates who are riding down from Sydney.
    It will most probably be an early departure from Epping, ~ 6:30-7am. Probably way too early/keen for many.
    If you're a very early starter, you are more than welcome to join me for the northbound trip, then peel off as required.
    Otherwise, have an awesome day out mate ! I sincerely hope the weather will indeed be nice - not too keen on freezing my arse off through Hotham Heights etc !
  3. cheers nickers thanks for the invite.
    I'm actually inner north myself. Not sure if I'm up for an Omeo ride. Might come up to yea and head back down to healesville. Looking forward to a nice rain free day.
    Anyone else free for a ride at a more civil time :D If I go to Yea I can probably be back for a second start round 10.30-11.00 from Whittlesea or yarra glen? Any suggestions welcome.
    Will confirm by wednesday night
  4. Wish I could... having some SERIOUS bike withdrawal issues at present...
  5. Very interested, Will be two up, But the Girly has to be at the quacks at 9-15 so after that we are available, have some good roads in mind, but will tell you and arrange some thing when we meet,
    10-30 am Lilydale Macca's, Quacks across the road from Macca's. Sit and wait for you.
    PM me, 3 or 400 klms sounds good. 25C about time we got some good weather, I am sick of riding in the rain.
  6. I have Thu off...

    I'm in the east and the spurs are calling my name and yep, I'm not quick either.
    I was looking at leaving Mobile (cnr Burwood Hwy/Stud Rd) at 10AM via over Mt Dandy, Warby, Reefton, Marysville for a bite, Black spurs, Healesville and home.
    As long as I'm home before 3.
  7. Putting my hand up for this one.

    Getting over a cold and jet lag so will know for sure tomorrow night.
  8. I'm a maybe...need to firm up the meet point and meet time...
  9. Girly has to work, so there will only be me.
    10-00 am, Leave at 10-30 Sharp. Meet at Lilydale Macca's, I am going any way, East, on some good roads,
    Cruisy ride,
  10. Ok, I'm doing this one, leaving at Mobile servo, cnr of Stud rd and Burwood Hwy at 10AM, so if anyone is interested, be there 15 earlier so it can start on time.....


    Easiest way to start is eastern fwy, if no etag, right at Springvale Rd then left into Burwood Hwy and Stud Rd is about 6K down the road.
    If you have access to tolls, continue onto Eastlink the off and left at Burwood Hwy.

    I'll officially finish ride at Maccas Nunawadding once again close the Eastern Fwy.
    Weather forecast is way too good not to do at least this.

    It'll be interesting to see if the spurs are patrolled at all mid week compared to their saturation on the weekends.
  11. Sorry deadman, we must have hit the post button at the same time!
    Well you at 22:41 and me at 22:42 is darn close.... lol
  12. No probs Mate, Stud road cnr is a long way there and back, Might see you on the way through,
  13. Hmm, bad timing. I was thinking of something similar to joedelosa’s ride, opposite direction including kinglake.
    I haven’t ridden south-south east for a while though so that could be cool....Although, I am tempted by deadmans undisclosed secret roads. :)

    Would be good to have mutual start point/ride. We’ve got 2maybes at the moment which makes for a possible group of 5 if we firm it up. Its a big ride for me to either start, so I’m easy either way. Who wants to compromise :D
  14. ok - Burwood Hwy & Stud Rd is closest for me.

    Keen to hit Kinglake and Chum Creek as well.
  15. I'm in for this ride Joe, see you there.
  16. Hey.... I pretty much just did that loop today, except I turned off towards Mt. Donna Buang from Warburton and had to handle the dirt road back into Healeville (That part was a bit hairy as the compacted dirt road was still very damp and slippery and the pirelli's weren't to keen on it!). Anyway, not a cop car in sight, just the odd bike coming the opposite direction... Have fun tomorrow!
  17. Are you the bloke that asked me for directions at the Reefton turn off today,
    I was with heather on the Hyosung cruiser and me on the Blackbird.

    I told you it was a dirt road, but didnt know how far the dirt went,
    So how far does the dirt go for,
    Both Spurs are very clean,
  18. joe ok if i join the fun ?
  19. Bastards

  20. Yeah that was me! Great to meet another NRider on the road (even though I didn't know it!), thanks for the directions! The dirt went for about 10 kays (guessing), from about the summit road turn-off to about 5 Kays short of the Donna Buang/Don road intersection. Didn't get to do the Chum creek road as you suggested, had to get home to get the kids to their after school activities! Perhaps I'll do it tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up - hope all is well with Heather after her moment!