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21st May 2011 Judgement Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wahaha, May 20, 2011.

  1. So who here believes that Rapture begins tomorrow?

  2. how are the loonies who come up with this stuff allowed near a computer?
  3. How many suckers are gonna buy a T-Shirt?
  4. to bad its on a saturday wont get work cover
  5. Remember it is an American site so it won't happen until Sunday
  6. oh just read it ill have to wait 5 months hopefully it will fall on a weekday
  7. Well I'm riding tomorrow, so I hope someone will pick up my crashed bike and take it somewhere safe :LOL:
  8. Right, so on May 21st 3,000,000 people are going to either drop dead suddenly or vanish into thin air?

    Works for me.

    Thank goodness they timed the real end of the world for October 21st, at least I'll still get to PI for the MotoGP.
  9. Do they supply you with a new bike when you get there? I'd have thought that if they could take you, they'd take your bike as well.

    If you can't ride motorcycles it can't be heaven:)
  10. I'm planning on holding onto the bars real tight, and digging my knees into the tank :LOL:.
  11. But surely you will get your dream bike when you are chosen? It wouldn't be heaven otherwise.

    Spare a thought for those of us who will be left behind, we will no doubt be forced to ride 50cc scooters - with attendant wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  12. Actually all those left behind will have to commute on an older K series BMW wearing ATGATT on a 40 degree day. There's nothing in this life or the next that can ever be quite as hot as sitting in traffic on an early K bike. :)
  13. At 6pm
  14. It's all right until the fan kicks in. Then it roasts your arse :D.
  15. I notice they're still taking donations. Do they get to take it with 'em?
  16. In true Facebook style I have already clicked attending to the event "Post rapture looting" Gonna get me a nice new bike!
  17. You're going to be disappointed I'm afraid. Everyone knows that motorcycle riders are all gangsters, criminals, and generally all round bad people, so nobody with a bike is going to get picked up.

    Now sure about scooter riders though, maybe you might find yourself a new vespa?
  18. Did anyone check his calculations? He hasn't made another whoopsy has he?

  19. You wouldn't need a bike anyway if you could fly ;). Plus the roads of gold would be serious trouble when wet - and think of the costs of shipping your tyres from the USA!!!

    I think you should just aim for this:

    Same sensation. Just you, the wind and the road... no bike needed.