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219 reasons NOT to buy A*s (gloves)

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Luke, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. So, in late 2008 I shelled out my $219 at Pro Honda Rocklea and purchased some A* GP plus gloves. I ride once or twice a week on the weekend but I don't commute. And I do a track day every couple of months. Also, in 2009 I had a license disqualification and during this time the gloves obviously didn't get used.

    Towards the end of 09 the perforated leather on the back of the wrist began to tear. I should have taken them in straight away but I didn't get around to it (yes lazy) until towards the middle of this year. Still, for what A*s will tell you are top of the range gloves, I think its reasonable to expect more than 18 months from them when you're using them once/twice a week.




    I took them back to Pro Honda who refused to replace them (just another bad experience at Pro Honda Rocklea for me, but hey...maybe I'm just a pain in the ass and a whinger? One thing I can say for sure is that I'm really funny and really really good looking. But I digress). The gloves were sent back to the distributor for A*s. Who also, refused to replace them, basically saying "stiff sh*t". Again, I welcome comments, but I really expected more longevity from these gloves. The below picture shows just how pristine the rest of the gloves are and supports my claims that they were hardly worn.


    So that's my story. I'm never buying another A*s item ever again. I did however pick up these RST gloves for $130 from Team Moto Springwood. A couple of rides and they were broken in and for half the price of the A*s, they seem as though they will well and truly out last them. And most importantly they have visible carbon fiber. I love carbon fiber as much as I love strippers, breast implants (on women) and motorbikes. I'm going to decorate my apartment with it.


  2. i've heard of so many people having that same problem with A* gear, it turns to shyte too fast and the person gets told to jam it. one of the main reasons i stay away from 'big name' brands, the little guys will bust their ass to please the people who put food on their tables, the big guys have that name on their letterhead therefore don't need to
  3. pretty poor manufacture...

    Actually after re-checking the photos again, I have seen the exact thing a few years ago, one of my mates in Canberra had it happen, from memory they were only a few months old..
  4. Thank you from a little guy
  5. What do you expect from a company that manufactures stuff entirely in China and does not own the factories and distributors? Essentially they can't implement any true quality control because once they have the stock from their multiple manufacturers in China, they will be told to **** off when it comes to repairs.

    It's also why you can buy these shitty gloves and their variants direct from the chinese manufacturer online via Alibaba
  6. ...or motolegion... ;)
  7. Had the same treatment when the leather (non perferated) on my A* Winter Gloves ripped the second time I put them on.

    Piss Poor I reckon.
  8. I have never had a pair of leather gloves last me more than 12 months. Several different brands have worn through at the fingers, come apart at the seams, all sorts of stuff.

    18 months seems fine to me.
  9. Hey Mr Luke,
    Sorry to hear of your experience with A* GP Plus gloves. I have a pair which I have used often enough over 3yrs and they're still in fine form. Even wore them recently during 2,000km of riding from MEL-SYD-MEL, with inner glove liners underneath..again, no problems.
    I couldn't be happier with mine.
    Perhaps a 'dud' pair mate ? Though I find it interesting that others share similar experiences..hmmm.
    Whatever the case, thanks for posting/pics and sharing this with us all.
  10. perforation will always weaken something - the tears have occurred at the pivot point of your wrist - the part that moves the most and also along the cuff where you stretch the glove to tighten around your wrist

    These are obviously weak points in the design

  11. I've still got a pair of leather gloves I bought in 1992. They've even been through an accident. I still wear them as my intermediate glove, so they get maybe 6 months work a year at 5 days per week.
  12. That's pretty poor, I would expect them to last longer than that for sure. I have the same gloves and have used them daily for the last couple of years without a problem, never had a problem with any of my other alpinestars gear either. Maybe you are just unlucky? Anyway, I would expect a refund for something like that and I would be pretty annoyed if I didn't get it. Maybe worth sending an email directly to Alpinestars and tell them you aren't happy with the product or service you received?
  13. My A Stars sporty summer gloves tore after a few months...granted the leather was wet when I was putting them on, but they should be able to stand up to normal wear and tear. I reckon their gear was great ages ago but quality seems to have gone to shit.
  14. Ibast, they don't make them like they used to. lol

    I have the older GP Plus gloves - they ROCK and a pair of the new ones that I thought were less sturdy that the older model, but still good. I've noticed the price of the new GP plus's are lower than the old ones, so that saving has to show up somehow.
  15. I think the company has gone broke because they made them too good.
  16. I have a pair of Rjays leather shorties. They are at least 5 years old, and as nice as the day I bought them, even after 2 accidents, including hand slides on the ground. Send a forum link to A*, and ask them again if they want to help you.
  17. I've got a pair of winter gloves with an almost identical history. I no longer wear them because the liners are buggered but the leather and stitching are still as sound as when I received them for Chrimbo 1991. They're unbranded and, given the financial state of the giver at the time, I doubt if they cost the equivalent of 200+ bananas.

    On the subject of the OP, haven't we had previous threads about A* gloves crapping out at ridiculously early stages?
  18. More so because superseded by the gp - pro version
  19. There's three levels in the GP line isn't there?

    GP plus
    GP Pro
    GP Tech

    My circa 2007 GP Plus's had a higher RRP (and they're still useable however damaged from a crash) than my 2010 GP plus's. I'm not sure how GP Pro pricing impacts that. Infact, looks like the whole line is cheaper these days...
  20. To someone who posted above - I agree I think its a design fault hence my return of the product.

    To someonoe who posted after that person above - I contacted A* directly. 2 months later they wrote back and said take them to your distributor. Which is what happened.

    I may email that lady a link to this forum.