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20W50, slip clutch = too much oil?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DUK35, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. I just changed my oil my mineral base oil 20W50 ... the birago manual suggested 10W30 or 20W40 but the shop sed just to use 20W50.

    anyways - I filled her up .... maybe a little too much cos I looked in the window and the oil was above maximum when it's upright but it still runs fine so I kinda left it like that.

    I went for a few spins - 70-80km/h runs and I found that at some instances my clutch would slip at high speed when I decide to give it on the throttle abit......

    is this due to the 20W50 mixture or is it cos I got too much oil in there?
  2. what sort of 20w50?
  3. Shell Advance S4 motorcycle oil - mineral.

    that's all I know.... $32.50 per 4 litres.
  4. ...mmn when was the last time you adjusted your clutch?

    the main problem with over filling your engine is the air becomes compressed with all that oil flaing around and it tends to develop oil leaks past seals...
  5. yeah well it doesn't happen all the time with the clutch slipping - just at higher speeds when I really give it the throttle.

    air pressure - leaks? that's no good - I guess I should drain the oil a little bit?

    what about the oil mixture? 20W50 - is that still o'k' to use>?
  6. How many k's on the bike?
    Never had this problem before myself, never heard of it. Have read of fully synthetics causing clutch slippage, seeing as clutch require lack of slipage to work and oils trying to do the opposite.

    I just did a oil change on weekend on Diversion 900(thanks for the garage usage Egiste&Seany)10W 40 to 20W 50 and no probs.
  7. I just bought the bike 3-4 months ago. 46,000 kms on it.

    the clutch slipping just happened after I changed my oil and clean/lubed my chain. but only at high speeds.

    thanks for all the points guys - I might take it for a hard run to see how it goes again -

    I mean - who knows - it might just even be me on the clutch thinking a had freeplay....

    but anywho's - my friends' virago has a worse problem - when he does a slow left turn - his engine stalls lol - would that be a clutch problem?
  8. no probably the idle is set too low soas your engin rpms drop near the end of you breaking cycle the engine doesnt have time to pick back up... Raise the idle...
  9. For starters If a 250 Virago has 46k on the clock and the clutch is slippiing but just at high speeds, I might suggest you need new clutch plates! Its just old and natural wear and tear. If you keep riding it and it gets so its 5 gear,then slippin in 4th,3rd etc,a slow degradation, its definitely time to replace them.