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N/A | National 20th of April, National give a Cop a cupcake day

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by JAAS, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. April 20th, 3 years since senior constable Peta Carbonneau decided to perform an illegal U-turn across double line in conditions considered dangerous and took the life of a fellow rider Luke Wilson.

    A summary of the case as it unfolded:
    The 35-year-old senior constable was charged over the death of 31-year-old Woodend man Luke Wilson on April 20, 2009. The court was told that Carbonneau, also of Woodend, crossed double white lines while performing a U-turn in fog when she hit the motorcyclist travelling south along Black Forrest Drive. Mr Wilson died at the scene. Carbonneau, a senior constable at Sunbury, was on her way to work when she realised she had forgotten a batch of cup cakes at home and decided to turn around to get them.
    Peta Carbonneau left the Bendigo County Court, sitting in Ballarat, a free woman on the 05th of May 2011 after the jury found her not guilty of dangerous driving causing death.

    To remember Luke, the injustice done to him and bring some awareness to this issue, I would like to encourage people to express their sadness in a way of kindness and sharing.

    I propose that on Friday the 20th of April, if possible you give or share a cupcake with an officer of the law.

    20th of April National, give a Cop a cupcake day.

    Comments and thoughts welcome please.
  2. i like the idea, but why not go after her directly?
    get everyone to go give HER a cupcake.

    not every cop is crooked
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  3. Hitler's birthday on 20th April, too. I only remember coz it's also my wife's. Not that she's Hitler though :D
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  4. A National ride day might get more exposure. Take cupcakes to the Salvos or somewhere.
  5. As is my birthday, will happily donate my cupcake to them but I'd rather give it to the women instead.

    It's also International Weed Day.
  6. Whilst I accept it must have been hard for the guys here who knew Luke, I can't help but feel you will probably rub a lot of people the wrong way with this idea.

    You say you are doing it to be kind etc, but it comes across as being very smart-arse-ish. That's just my thoughts though, others might feel differently.

    What are some of the cops going to think who receive cup cakes? Half of them probably won't know what the hell is going on, the other half will think you are being a smart arse.

    Maybe the ride for awareness would be a better idea.
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  7. 20th of April is also 4/20 day.

    Give them some special cupcakes and see if it makes them see the bigger picture.
  8. Shouldn't it go to the courts instead, they let her off?
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  9. Has anyone asked Luke's mum what she thinks of it all?
  10. Was it a magistrate or a jury ?
  11. Just make it amemorial day where evryone who rides has something blue. Could be a blue scarf, something blue tied around your helmet or handlebars - anything.
    There would be a subtle message but also a general remeberance and message.
  12. I would like to quickly point out that I did not know Luke personally, but since the verdict I have had strong feelings about the case.

    I did however remember coming across this a while back and dug it up again,

    Link here
    A message from Luke Wilson's mother.

    Luke Wilson.

    I would like to let you know the feelings as a mother, a parent and family members of Luke Wilson, we are disgusted at the result of Luke’s case where a police officer was found “Not Guilty” of driving dangerously causing death. We believe that it sends the wrong message to the community when all we hear about is reducing the road toll.

    How can we ever get through to all drivers, especially young drivers when a member of authority, holding a silver driving standard, is choosing to drive in this manner, not believing it was not dangerous, for the sake of cupcakes, where are the priorities?

    In the process of ”Innocent until Proven Guilty” as in the drivers case, we sat through 5 days of a slanted view to try and degrade Luke’s name and character, his ability as a rider and that his bike was in an "over maintained" order (new tyres). This is to establish as the law states” To Prove Beyond Reasonable Doubt” that the driver did not cause Luke’s death. I believe that the laws do not look after the victim, in this case the deceased person has no representation and yet can be scrutinised to a miniscule degree and not be able to argue their case. I ask you "Who is the Innocence person here?" This is not about upholding the law, this is about not taking responsibility for your actions, this is about not being sentenced and jailed and this is about winning a case. We as a family are left with complete heartache of the loss or our beautiful son, brother, partner, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin and extended family not to mention all his friends and community.

    Maureen Wilson
    Mother written on Mother’s Day
  13. Read the 1st post. \\:D/
  14. Perhaps everyone who sees her should stop and say to her "hey, aren't you the cop who pulled an illegal U-turn and killed a young bloke on a motorbike? Oh, wait a minute... That probably sounded bad... I'm sorry, cupcake." :demon:
  15. One more thing - she is not the only cop who has pulled a U Turn and taken out a rider. What about that one from last year in South Rd I think? It happens too often...... maybe this is not such a bad idea.

    Bicycle riders biatch about getting doored - maybe we should run a similar campaign about cars that do U turned and because they won't look properly.

    And another one (but not a cop) was a mate who had a guy do a U Turn on him on Beach Rd - just to add to the list.

    the cup cake - official symbol of the next "Look Bike" driver awareness campaign.
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  16. From recollections, that was Centre Rd Bentleigh, and it was an unmarked highway nazi that caused the young blokes injuries, both the crash itself and the BS that followed.
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  17. #17 A boy named Sue, Apr 9, 2012
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    Bob Dylan on the same topic (justice not being seen to be done). She should have put in a guilty plea.
  18. that i like.

    something good has to come of injustice served.
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  19. I got a date with a Cop and a cupcake.
  20. What about adding a new word to the Australian language:

    n. (colloq.)1.Injustice served, particularly to a member of a despised minority group, from the judicial system itself, in order to protect a member of a police service. Usually in Victoria. 2. An illegal and dangerous U-turn by a police officer, usually for a trivial reason.
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