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20th Feb - loop to Saturday night coffee - the long way

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Skuffy, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Hi All.

    "planning" on a ride this saturday. Leaving Taylors lakes (parents place) at 2:30pm to ride - St Andrews, King Lake, Chum, Black spur, Reefton spur and then onto Saturday night coffee in West Melbourne.

    If your interested let me know and I will arrange a meeting point.
  2. interested
  3. Possibly - why leaving so late though?

  4. cause it only takes a few hours to ride all these road and they are heading straight into coffee
  5. ](*,)

    Never mind me. Won't be able to make it at that time, have a good one!

  6. Hi Mitch, Did you get my email on your ride tomorrow, Sat,
  7. Yep, go it Brian.
  8. I missed it, The phone was off, no internet for 2 days, 3-30 PM Saturday before Telstra fixed it, Then it was too late.