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20L oil drum

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by KumuduG, May 24, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys

    I'm looking to buy a 20L oil barrel of either Motul 3100 10W40 or Penrite MC4 full synthetic. The questions I have are

    1) Have anyone done this? [I mean buy a 20L barrel]
    2) Where would I be able to buy one [ For the time being I can only think of finding dealers and inquiring them ]
    3) Does anyone know what kind of price difference I can expect per liter in 20L barrel vs 4L can ?
  2. 1. Of course
    2. Pretty much any oil distributor - Servos tend only to have up to 5 l, Same with Repco, Supercheap, or Autopro as a matter of course, but sometimes have deals on 10 and 20 litre containers. Businesses catering for trucks can sell you 200 L
    3. Depends - the only thing relevant is the current price. savings can be made, or not depending on the deal at the time. Motorbike shops are often the dearest places to buy oil.

    You've probably got a better chance of getting the Penrite in a 20 l quantity.

    Consider the total cost. How are you going to get it out? Do you have a pump? It can be messy otherwise. A pump will add to the cost.

    Do your homework. Tell us.
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  3. If your happy to try different brands then give Tritech a call, they manufacture the oils here in Melbourne.

    I bought a 20L drum of fully synthetic 10w40 for ~$120 last year. The 5L containers I think were around $40.
    Bike hasn't exploded into a million pieces and the consensus of people I know using it have been good.
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  4. In my experience it is cheaper to buy oil in 4l or 5l containers. Simply because the manufacturers sell so many of these and they are regularly sold at discounted prices. It is the same with a lot of other goods; the biggest package is not always the most economical to buy.
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  5. The 20l drum's come with tap outlet, you'll just just need a std drum tap for approx. $20.

    For Motul, Cykel is the sole distributor for Vic and SA. You'd need to be accepted/registered as a dealer for them to sell direct. You can buy 20l from retailers/online for around $330 for 5100. Often, you can get the 4l from the repco/supercheap etc. when they have a special for roughly the same price - save up and buy 20 of them.

    For Penrite, you'll need to register with them for trade sales direct/online. You can also buy 20l from retailers/online for around $260 for MC4 full. Otherwise, hit your local retailers and see what deal they can do you on the 20l drums. Same deal with buying the 4l when the big name retailers have specials.
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  6. You might only need 5 of them ;-)
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm gonna follow up on some of the inputs you guys gave on this week end and will let you know how I go.
  8. KumuduGKumuduG how many oil changes do you do each year?

    I buy 10 litre drums and my next will be a 25 but I'd do about 6 or so oil changes a year. Plus a couple on mates track bikes to. If I wasn't doing that many I wouldn't even consider it.
    Think about it. 2 a year at 3.5 litres per change is 4 years of sitting in your garage. Whatever money you save buying in that size you'd save more if you had it sitting in your morgage.
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  9. I buy mine online, It has free delivery, Last lot I bought came from a dealer Dandenong, But there are plenty of dealers out there,
    But I do use a lot of oil, One change is 40 litres, So I buy for all my vehicles at the one time, Saves me a fortune,
    Keep your eye on the different prices as they all charge differently,
    Gumtree has a couple of dealers as well,
    Google, Bulk oil in Melbourne, or where ever you are,
  10. I just bought 2 x 5l Penrite Semi Synth at 35% off at Repco, for $1 more than a 10 litre drum. So as others have stated, bulk doesnt necessarily mean cheap.
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  11. I ended up buying a 6L can of penrite full synthetic. 20L can was also available for a marginal difference per liter.