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20k BIKE??????(Dreams are for free)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Phillip, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Sitting at home last night watching the soccceroos yet again go down, and was wondering if i had 20k to spend on a bike what would i go for?
    Love the naked bikes, and have a new love for the 2008 yamaha fz6n in competition white. So i would go to town on it , braide every line, a full exhuast system, pazzo clutch and brake levers (shorty), clean up the rear end, some new ace tyers, new helmet, leather jacket, couple of different styles of jeans, cargos etc, gloves and boots and still have some change for insurance and to take the wife and kid away for the weekend lol. . . .


    Over to you guys
  2. I saw a white/orange/black Tuono on the weekend and loved the look of it. I am now considering swapping the Firestorm for the Tuono as the daily mule. The other naked i like is the Speed Triple. Very cool! :cool:
  3. But would you buy a Vmax if you had $40,000???

  4. If it were a naked and white:

  5. Be replacing that lower radiator every service....

    $20000? add a few thou to that and I'd probably consider a Benelli Cafe 1130 :twisted:
  6. I loved the look of that bike until i saw it in the flesh. Those side radiators stick out a looooong way from the bike. In pictures you don't see that.
  7. yes.
  8. No.
    It looks like 'small penis syndrome'.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. For that sort of money, I'd talk down a sales rep on a B-King, get the brakes upgraded[1], custom made pipes and swap the tires over, and then change the remaining ugly bits if I had any cash left over. Already got all the gear I need.

    I've got my eyes on a KTM 1190 RC8. Bit more than $20k with some mods though.

    [1] My favourite direction on a mountain is down.
  11. for around that money you could get a ktm superduke R.....

  12. You could put a deposit on a decent soccer team :roll:..
  13. If i had the money, no doubt it would be an MV Agusta brutale :cool: such a beautiful machine.
  14. Slightly used BMW GS 1200.
  15. blasphemy, what would the good folk on ksrc say if they saw you say that :LOL:

    for me it's the benelli tormado 1130 triple, i love them radiator fans :cool:
  16. Get two bikes - my stable's probably worth just over $20K and covers most bases :cool:
  17. Probably bob up a Triumph T100.
  18. Aprilia Shiver with bits that make it up to 20k :)
  19. Speed Triple and some fancy bits, or a 2nd hand FZ1, bunch of Graves engine bits, BST wheels, quad headlights.