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208 hornet cb600f

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mr_roboto, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. anyone got anything to say about this?

    im also looking at it, as it has as much power as the cbr600rr (abouts) and looks nice and comfy

  2. Should be good but definately test ride the street triple triumph as well, it's got a far better engine and the weight of world opinion behind it.
  3. it's finally in Adelaide, Bills are doing a demo night tomorrow that I'm going to

    hope to be able to tell you about it after that!
  4. I'd imagine it'd be nothing short of 'awesome'
  5. It's a waste of time. The quality of finish and product for a $13.5k price is nothing short of a joke.
    I am a long time Honda fan with the 07 CBR 600 RR to my name, which by any means is a testament to their workmanship.

    The cb600f is a departure from their normal standards.
    I have seen and played with the model here in Melbourne.

    By all means it could be your cup of tea, but you could spend the money on a much better unit.

    As for opinion. I have owned about 20+ bikes in my time, so no amateur to quality assessment.
  6. I know the hornet is built to a budget.. are you saying they've
    short-changed us on bang for buck ? :? :cry:
  7. Go look for yourself. It just does not cut it. When you compare some other brand 600's that come in 2-3 k cheaper, you'd expect some cut backs. But not from Honda.
    Performance wise I would expect it to be fine, but you are paying a premium here.
  8. Bills Motorcycles in Adelaide are offering $1000 off if you buy one next thursday after a test ride
  9. I've heard it's a little primitive by today's standards.
  10. According to the honda australia site, its 11,990.. same price as the street triple.

    How would those two compare to the cbr600rr?
  11. naked bikes are a completely different animal to a race bike.
    different riding position, power is in a different rev range.
    i wouldn't compare them at all to be honest
  12. After reading Pro-Pilot say the quality of these bikes is a joke I had to see one for myself. I went into Redwing Honda today to have a look. They had 3 there a silver, blue and black one. It felt small to sit on but comfortable. the overall look of it is cheap. Take the honda badge off and replace it with a Chinese brand and it looks ok. I think all the black plastic and the gold forks and brake callipers make it look cheap. In pictures it looks good just not in the flesh.
    Retail price is $12990 on road. I paid $10990 for my GSR. It needs to be 2k cheaper to compeate with the GSR and FZ6. The speed triple is is a nice bike but I thought the switch gear made it feel cheap. It has a great engine but has brakes and suspension on the same level as the hornet.
    British mag Fast bikes did a test on the FZ6,GSR,Hornet,Z750,Shiver and Speed Triple in the jan issue. They voted the Street as the best but a British mag would have to vote the British bike number 1.
    Power and torque as tested by fast bikes went like this

    Triumph 96bhp 62Nm
    Suzuki 91bhp 63Nm
    Kawasaki 90bhp 71Nm
    Yamaha 88bhp 60Nm
    Honda 87bhp 57Nm
    Aprilia 79bhp 63Nm
  13. you mean street triple? speed triple is 1050cc

    what did that article say about the FZ6 and the gsr600?

    those two were in consideration as well.
  14. Just fixed it. Brain said street but fingers typed speed.

    Fast Bikes on the FZ6- A seemingly pointless machine. the FZ6 offers no performance or fun. Back to the drawing board. + for the idea - for the execution.

    FB on the GSR- The GSR is the second best Jap here, but still nowhere near as capable as its GSXR roots. + Handling, midrange, gear position indicator, tyres. - Not that sporty, fueling, looks.

    FB on the Hornet- Looks different, claims ultimate naked performance,but is no better than it was three years ago. + Wheelies, steering. - Weak engine, jittery suspension, looks.

    FB on the triumph Street Triple- The street has its class totaly sewn up. It's on of the most rewarding bikes on the market. + Power, tourque, chassis, stunts, attitude, brakes. - Fuelling, twin-spots, chrome bits.

    On one hand they say the brakes are a positive and then go on to say they are a negative. I would say a negative as they are only 2 piston callipers.

    I chose the GSR as it was more confortable, cheaper and has adjustable suspension. Front pre load only and rear pre load and rebound adjustment.
  15. Twin-spots = headlights. Two-pots = calipers.
  16. Did not think of that. Alot of people refer to brake calliper configuration as twin spot or 6 spot although it is incorrect. The twin piston front brake callipers would have to be a let down though.