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2017 MT09

Discussion in 'Naked' at netrider.net.au started by oldcorollas, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. and then they did this....


    New MT-09 Key Features
    Newly styled twin-eye 4-bulb LED headlights
    6-bulb LED position lights with winglets
    30mm shorter tail with integrated 3D light
    Redesigned seat, flatter and 5mm higher
    Rear fender/license plate holder with single-sided mount
    Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch
    Quick Shift System (QSS)
    Higher specification front suspension
    Flat muffler surface with restyled end cap
    Instruments integrated with headlight assembly
    Radiator side fins and enlarged air intakes
    Front turn signals relocated beside radiator
  2. MT10 mini..

    Or the MT10 had babies with a MT09..

  3. The latter?
    Need to justify a decent price hike somehow, but only half fixed the suspension?
  4. on the bright side <2016 model's resale value will be improved
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  5. 1-2 year old mt09s already go for less than 5 year old striples...

    The new lights + better clutch + quickshifter won't kill or improve resale?
    Better forks may reduce the immediate spend required after buying?
  6. Was just about to pull the trigger on a trade-in and trade-up to MT-09 but just couldn't settle on a colour, of which there are currently only 2.
    Held off and did a google that night and found the redesign, which for me is now a difficult choice as I really like all 3 European colour combos and love the new design, more so than the current..

    Unfortunately they haven't announced the Aus release date or pricing.

    All I got from Yamaha was maybe july 2017?

    If the Aus release is that far away then I'm stuck with a depreciating MT07 until then.....

    So I've started looking at the MT10 which I rode yesterday but as I've just finally gone full license and can now finally enjoy pillioning the wife and kids arouind, well the MT-10 seems to tick all the boxes except it's way more pricey and isn't as good for pillioning or fuel eco.

    Want the new MT09 2017 model but......anyone want to take a guess on price and/or release date in Australia based on previous Yama announcements..?
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    Like the lights, but they didn't do much for unsprung weight at the back.

    Wonder if they'll do a Street Rally kit again and what it'll look like?
  8. Oh Well looks like I'm too impatient for the new mt09 redesign...just purchased a black mt10, picking it up next week when it arrives...
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  9. I like the front lights, almost reminds me of the Ducati Streetfighter. Not sure about the rego bracket on the swingarm, especially with rear fenders no longer being mandatory. Crying out for a fender eliminator to tidy it up and lose some weight.

    Wasn't the Street Rally just a $2k fairing kit? I'd rather they kept the plastic and give us an SP model with better suspension and brake components as standard.

    Or if they make another Street Rally, give it a proper beak.
  10. Wha... What is this abomination?:cautious: Keep in mind, I actually liked the MT10 design but this... This is something else. I mean front end is sort of ok, I might get used to it after a while. But the rear end is ugly as hell. And it really sucks they reduced the available colour schemes to just two. One of them being an ugly acid trip green is not helping either.
  11. Plus motard style thin seat, motard style footpegs, pinstriping on the wheels and gold anodised forks.
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  12. They might have one on display at the MotoGP?
  13. Congrat's Mangrove. From what I've read, you won't be disappointed as they are a great bike.
    Can I ask how much as I'm curious to know if they have come to their senses yet and started offering competitive pricing?

  14. Just saw this. That is horrendous.
  15. That is one hell of an ugly bike. Each to their own......most bikes I can look at and see something attractive about, a feature that I like or maybe just an overall effect can be appreciated but that thing........
    Of course my opinion doesn't matter but....Jesus.
  16. I can see why some would think it's ugly - I personally don't, but 'eye of the beholder' and all that - but I'd rather the Japanese marques keep taking styling risks with their nakeds than go back to when the Hornets/Bandits/FZ's all looked alike.
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  17. I guess Yamaha know that their bikes are somewhat polarising - why else would they be selling the XSR?

    With that being said, I quite like the MT range
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  18. No no no ..thats when they make MT03 ;)
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  19. 15235882_1348739641803392_5128131117632331838_o-1024x683.

    Dunno what your all on about. Looks like they made it a sexy twin!
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