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2017 Honda CBR Fireblade

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AJV80, Sep 22, 2016.

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    I was out with the wife today dropping past a relatives place on the opposite side of town. On the way home there was a bike dealership I don't normally get the chance to drop into so we stopped.

    The place was a Ducati, Honda, & Suzuki dealership, after walking in I was immediatley greeted by a young salesperson. Early 20's at a guess who said hi and started firing questions at me without warning. Whats your name? What are you doing today? Where did you just come from? What bike do you ride? What colour is it? Whats your tax file number? etc. All in the space of the first 30 seconds. Sure, the guy is doing his job but he really wasn't winning me over in any way at all with his technique.

    We tried to walk away and he followed us to the Ducati's and proceeded to tell me all about them. Then tried to explain what torque was assuming he was the only person on the planet that had this knowledge. He then went on to tell me everything about my bike, even how much it weighed. Funnily enough I actually weighed my bike last week, he was wrong but i didn't really want to talk to this person any more than i had to so i just nodded. We listened and said thanks politely and walked away to a different part of the dealership where there was a Honda CBR SP edition displayed. Out of nowhere he returns and tells me all about it. Here we go again I thought.

    I figured while I'm talking to this person i should query him on the 2017 blade to see what he knew, after all he seems to think he knew everything else. He began this huge rant about how all magazine speculation and internet rumours are all incorrect, but then told me he had been told nothing about it from Honda officially, so really he had no idea either (I know boats). He then asked if i had seen the spy shots of the bike online, which i had and this seemed to really get him going. I found this strange considering he had just finished telling me everything online about the new Honda is speculation and just plain wrong wrong wrong, but anyway. I made a comment/compliment that i thought the front cowl design on the spy shot bike looked kinda similar to the Panigales to me. Well, you would have though I just kicked this guys dog with the response i got. Mind you, this is the first time I had met a salesman with zero social skills so it took me by surprise.

    Seeing as talking to this person was like masturbating with a cheese grater, we politely said thanks and went to the upstairs section of the store in the same way you would escape from a nasty fart.

    Does anyone else see similarities between the front cowl section of the Honda spy shot picture and the Ducati Panigale? I know it doesn't look exactly the same but more similar than other bikes do at least to me. Maybe its just me and I need to get my eyes tested, or have a subconscious Panigale obsession yet to be professionaly diagnosed. Either way keen to know what others thinks.


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  2. G'day AJV80AJV80. I saw the same track photo you've posted here today. "That looks a bit like a Panigale" was my first thought although I'm in no way qualified to make the comparison. I like the look of the 2017 model; what do you think of it?
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  3. I actually think it looks great, it has a similar frame and swingarm to the current bike so I'm guessing the bike hasn't been too radically changed but definitely has a better front cowl to the current bike. I really dislike the look of the current Honda CBR 1000 from cowl of all the litre bikes.

    The pic od that spy shot bike seems to have some tape over the headlights i think, maybe?
  4. Yeah, it looks like there's some sort of tape over the lenses. Now that I think of it, there's something of the VFR800F front in the CBR?

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  5. I think you are right, looks very similar in shape, i can see the similarities.
  6. I was reading an article in the latest edition of AMCN about the 2017 Fireblade, while trying to find this article online I came across this. i find this equally interesting, because its a rumour I have heard from multiple sources and for quite some time now. That Honda are planning on building a new V4 powered superbike. A bike that would slot in between the ultra expensive MotoGP replica RCV213V and the mass production CBR1000rr both in cost and performance.

    Word from Japan is that the much-rumoured Honda RFV1000 superbike will be launched in 2018 as part of the celebrations of Honda’s 70th anniversary.

    Word from Japan is that the much-rumoured Honda RFV1000 superbike will be launched in 2018 as part of the celebrations of Honda’s 70th anniversary.

    Many details of the bike have already been revealed in patents filed by Honda. They reveal that it uses the RC213V-S V4 engine fitted in a bespoke cast-aluminium monocoque chassis that doubles as the airbox, rather like the frame of Ducati’s Panigale.

    Now it seems that the launch date will be dictated by Honda’s anniversary, with 2018 marking three score years and ten since the company was founded in 1948. It will also put the bike’s launch a year after the expected reveal of the new-for-2017 CBR1000RR Fireblade.

    While the Blade will remain an inline-four, gaining a huge slug of electronic enhancement, more performance and a new look for 2017, the RVF will be a V4 based on the productionised MotoGP engine that features in the crazy-expensive RC213V-S. It’s also expected to be expensive at around AUD 60,000, but that’s only a fraction of the cost of an RC213V-S. Like the last RVF – the legendary RC45 – the new bike is likely to be made in fairly limited numbers but Honda is expected to churn out enough of them (500 at least) to gain homologation for WSBK racing.

    Honda RVF1000 in 2018 - Australian Motorcycle News
  7. Noice. Just need to wait for the right one to come along at the right price in a few years' time and there's the new garage p0rn sorted. Well, we can all dream a bit i guess............
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  8. I'm in a giving mood

    4 7 11 12 24 37 powerball 9
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  9. While their at it a new VTR1000 SP3 would be nice and then launch a supernaked variation. Sell like hotcakes they would.
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  10. I always loved the SP1's. I am very surprised that Honda even released the RCV213V-S let alone building a another RVF1000.

    With sports bike sales in decline and Honda ceasing production of the CBR600rr coupled with rumours that the 2017 Fireblade will be more of an upgrade and restyle over a new bike. I thought they where done with sports bikes.

    Sounds to me they will build this RVF1000 bike so that they can remain competitive in WSBK, and minimise their spending on the CBR1000. More than likely a marketing strategy to be able to have a cheaper 1000cc superbike than the others with the more expensive ZX10R, R1 and soon to come GSX-R1000. They will have an entire sector of the market cornered while the others scrap it out unable to compete with Hondas price.
  11. Thanks for that, Georgie. (I've just deleted my next line for fear of offending - made me chuckle though)
  12. You'll be singing a different tune when the numbers come in.......
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  13. I know Mate, i shouldn't be flippant.

    BTW, was it tea leaves or voodoo for those numbers?
  14. No, it was last weekends winning numbers. They one once, more than any of my other number combo's........
  15. its the vin number on the mv LionzLionz

    I'd get in line for a new SP3...
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  16. I wanna get an SP2 now, lock it away and bring it out when everyone is a passenger on their computer driven electrobikes and just run amok pissing people off doing monos down the road.........or maybe Ive just watched Demolition Man too many times!
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  17. Mate if an sp3 comes out it might drop the ridiculous price that sp2's are commanding lately... They're still five figure bikes, which is farking ridiculous considering the thrashing most of them have copped haha
  18. Let's be honest Ilch, that'd be more believable................... :whistle:
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  19. If I had spare coin for a 'dont really need, but seriously want' bike the SP2 is top of the list. If you wait patiently good ones pop up but don't last long.
  20. As uncompetitive as the CBR has been in the last decade , it's amazed me that Honda didn't follow the Aprilia path and build a new V4 bike especially for SBK . Could be marketed as a Motogp replica. Yes would have been expensive, but history has shown that Honda hasn't been afraid of that for special models.