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2016 Kawasaki ZX10r v 2016 BMW s1000rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fost3r, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Hi guys I've created this thread to try and get a discussion going about which bike they would prefer (trying to keep looks out of it) and why they would go with that bike. P.s I'm looking at upgrading to one of these bikes but can't decide.

  2. BENNY THE JETBENNY THE JET just bought the Kwaka. He should have some input. Certainly plenty on here with the beemer too.
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    Not me Allan, mine will be a 2015 and from what i hear the 2016 will be a little bit different.
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  4. 2016 z10r has had a lot changed I'm pretty sure they have even changed the engine to a big degree also a lot of electronics have been thrown on it . Can't decide between the two both ride like a dream need some well educated opinions on why one over the other, or even come on the bikes. I've read the BMW get hot in stop start traffic but don't no any cons about kwaka as its still only new to market
  5. Which one 'speaks' to you?
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  6. I like the BMW, particularly if you are going to use it as a road bike, not just a track bike. I don't own the RR ( I bought a R but have test ridden one for a decent ride.
    Why would I take the BMW over the KWAKA?
    Its actually pretty comfy for a sports bike, it has all those electronic gadgets and suspension that not a lot of the others have, quickshifter works for up and down shifts with blipper for down shifts, cruise control and heated grips, lean angle sensor tells you how far over you have been ( wanky I know but cool too). Its just a great all round package I reckon.

    I'm sure the Kwaka is a great bike too but the BMW would be my pick.
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  7. CraigACraigA - I test rode quite a few bikes and on paper the S1000r was the winner (unlike the OP I was looking at naked bikes around the $20-25k mark).

    Test rode the BMW - smooth, high tech and if this had been the first bike I had tested probably would have bought one. I tested a Brutale a week earlier and this just connected to me in a way difficult to explain. It's not as techy, after sales service not that good, but in my mind it has tons more character.

    Again, out of all the choices there will be one that is meant for you
  8. They both speak to me and handle great I guess I got to figure out which will be more fun on the streets.
  9. Has any one heard of any negatives about either bike?
  10. I came from a 2013 Tuono so I can relate GeorgeOGeorgeO , but I wasn't going back to the local Aprilia dealer ever (they damaged my bike, insurance wrote it off which is why I was bike shopping) and the next nearest Aprilia dealer is 130klms away.

    You are right that the BMW lacks character compared to some, but once you own a bike and aren't comparing it to others, that kind of fades and you are just left with a bloody capable bike.

    I don't think that the character between the Kwaka and the BMW in this thread will be all that different character wise though.
  11. The BMW service cost was surprisingly low - don't know how that compares to the kawa
  12. Agreed.
  13. If it's fun on the street you are after then neither are the best tool in the shed for that.
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  14. I have only ridden the 2016 S1000rr and it was on track but I can say it was unbelievably good and I'm shopping for one as a track bike now. I am comparing it to my regular 2008 gsxr1000 so you probably could argue that I could be equally impressed by the zx10r. I did really enjoy the up and down quickshifter on the BMW. I only had to bother with the clutch at the start and end of the session. I think as a road bike, the heated grips and cruise control will be very handy.
  15. Have you actually ridden either yet? If not, get onboard as I think bum time in saddle will help your decision. As GeorgeOGeorgeO implies - feelings about the bike!!
  16. I can sell you a bootiful 2015 make, 2016 model kwaka z1000! A ride on this will pin your ears back. :whistle:
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  17. I'd go the S1000RR. The active suspension blew my mind. Unbelievable handling machine. Without having ridden the zx10, what I hear is that the beemer is sharper on track AND better on the road.
  18. One of my mates has a fully set up 2015 ZX10R race bike, purchased the 2016 and in road trim and no suspension fiddling was faster at PI on his first day on it.

    Let's be honest the ZX10 has been the race bike to have over the last few years. And it would appear the 2016 is even better. But if it's only road no track then maybe the Bimmer is the go???

    Mind you if it's no track you should probably go the naked BMW like Nick s1000rNick s1000r
  19. My serious track head buddies in the US don't rate the new zx10 at all. But I don't have an opinion myself, I just know the SRR felt brilliant to me.
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