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2016 Jindabyne Multi-state Meetup (The Aftermath)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by hornet, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. #1 hornet, Mar 14, 2016
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    Home safe at 4:45pm, and, more importantly, despite some very ugly clouds, dry!!!

    Well, yes, actually. Despite one of our Sydney riders having a pretty serious prang, Jindabyne is always worth it for the one-man show that is Uncle Greg.
    In summary, the weather was post-card perfect, the food and friendship was first-class, and several tyres were expended.
    If you missed this year, or have never been, put it in your diary for next year.
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  2. Just got home and have unpacked and cleaned up.

    Yeah the actual ride around the area on Sunday was beautiful and very fun. Even though a bunch of us got in late, we all kind of agreed that the dusk to evening ride back was pretty nice.

    And Uncle Greg, what a character! How can you not love the guy :)
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  3. Thanks cjvfrcjvfr for organising a great trip where I met a lot of new riders. Fun times, awesome roads, a fantastic time was had by all who attended. A few shots:


    Quick run to Charlotte Pass:
    jmcjmc enjoying his well-earned brekky:
    2016-03-14 18.17.27.

    On the way out of Thredbo:

    I'll pull a few more stills from the on-board video and post later.

    Thanks all for a great time and I hope you all arrived home safely.

    Currently enjoying this at Bright:

    Ned (y)
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  4. #4 Andrew West, Mar 14, 2016
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    Home and just out of the shower :). WOW what a weekend, what a place and what a ride. Just a huge thanx to cjvfrcjvfr for taking the time and putting in the effort to organize another great weekend.
    To the walking and lying wounded heal up and hope to see you next year. To all the guys/gals that assisted and aided those in need, hats off to you and may good karma come your way and well done to all of you.
    Finally great to catch up with all the old faces and the first time attendees. I hope to see everyone again next year (y)
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  5. What happened? Too much fun?
  6. dude
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  7. fcuking awesome
    thanks cj
    and thanks every one else
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  8. #8 69SIM, Mar 14, 2016
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    Sibi and I had a great time, sure the ride down (and subsequent ride back) along the exceptionally boring freeway but the ride on Sunday was bloody amazing. Sure we had a bit of a set back and ended up riding home in the dusk/evening but all is well and I'll let relevant parties start the story when they are feeling up to it.

    I'm just happy I got a manly man hug ;) That's all I'll say, what happens in Jindabyne, STAYS in Jindabyne ;)
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  9. What an "Adventure" :woot:
    See you all next year for sure!
    Next time we will take Friday off and do the windy bits starting the day before.
    Thank you Chris for giving us a great opportunity to meet some quality people (yourself included).
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  10. Thanks cjvfrcjvfr aka Chris for organising a brilliant weekend. Jindabyne and the surrounding area is motorcycle heaven. My fellow Netriders are a friendly bunch and great laughs was had throughout the weekend. This was my first Multi State Meet Up and it won't be my last. Hope to be there again next year.
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  11. Had a blast thanks to everyone for making it a memorable 3 days. Special thanks to Chris for all the organizing, tecing and leads(y)
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  12. just a few random pics from the weekend

    00050016.JPG 00070023.JPG 00140043.JPG 00230071.JPG 00340104.JPG 00350106.JPG 00440135.JPG 00450137.JPG 01130222.JPG 01260261.JPG 01510336.JPG 17090003.JPG 17150022.JPG 17510036.JPG
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  13. nice fairing dude
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  14. #14 Andrew West, Mar 14, 2016
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    and a few more

    17550046.JPG 18000062.JPG 18050077.JPG 18480017.JPG

    You know it "DUDE" ;)
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  15. lol
  16. #16 69SIM, Mar 14, 2016
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    Apparently sunset shots are compared from year to year...
    At Charlotte Pass.
    Found some shade during a break.
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  17. #17 cjvfr, Mar 14, 2016
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    The Group at Charlotte Pass, Minus a couple on other duties.


    The Wildlife showed us the way to the best food.


    High on a Hill stood a lonely picnic table.


    View of Lake Jindabyne on the run down from Charlotte Pass.

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  18. and finally

    20160313_140401. 20160313_140443. 20160313_194737.
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  19. #19 BENNY THE JET, Mar 14, 2016
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    bit of a bump.JPG Thanks Chris for all the hard work in organizing the run(y)
    Was great to catch up with my Victorian Brothers and Sisters and meet some great new people, from different states.
    Thanks Uncle GregUncle Greg itchinitchin Stever42Stever42 hornethornet for all the help with my stand still off :ROFLMAO:.And to the boys for picking my girl off the deck.
    Will post some pics later in the week of the problem with my daytona steering issues.Thank Alberto
    for helping me with all my gear :woot:.
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  20. Got home at 10 past 8, 1900 and something k's for the weekend. As usual a blast ,thanks Chris for the organizing and to all that attended. See you next year.
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