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2016 Honda MSX 125 Grom

  1. looks like a fun bike
  2. Nice! I was looking at them the other week, $3999 ride away. Not too bad but I just don't know how much I would use it, seems like it would be a blast at first but I am concerned it would eventually become a $4k space filler.

    Either way, looks great!
  3. I'm so tempted by these but also worried about how much I'll use it. Rego and insurance are dirt cheap.
  4. Yeah rego is dirt cheap, although the personalised number plate adds a bit. Insurance is 190 bucks for $6500.00
  5. Also if you ever prang it and are worried about not getting a write off you can just pick it up and throw it on the front to bend the forks haha
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  6. Very true, I can bench my Grom 100Kgs.
  7. looks like a lot of fun - will check it out tomorrow!