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2016 HD Iron 883

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by RuKu, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    It's a really nice bike. I test rode a Bolt and the Iron after wanting a Bolt for a looong time. The fit and finish of the HD was way superior. It has ABS, digital tacho, alarm, keyless entry. The 2016 model also upgrades the shocks, which was a common criticism for previous years. The Bolt I test rode had a horribly clunky gear box, and ergonomics were bad too - the airbox was really boxy and stopped me being able to hug the tank with my legs.


    I previously had a DRZ400SM supermotard set up for Adventure Touring, but I decided that is not for me - I'm too short (170cm), and I decided I would prefer to just chill and cruise around. Not to mention dropping the bike on steep trails gets old pretty quick.
    I'm planning on getting a pillion setup, and if I find I need more power, the engine can be bored out to 1200cc from the stock 883cc.

    I like the ergonomics and the look, so it will probably stay mostly stock other than that.

    Happy to answer any questions. :)
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  2. Congrats RuKuRuKu, it is a very nice looking and sounding bike (y) Would you put it up as a showcase with few more pics?
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  3. Congrats on the bike, looks mint!
  4. Don't mind that at all.
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  5. Very nice mate a set of pipes and it will be real sweet.
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  6. very nice :]
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  7. sorry to hear of your recent loss dude
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  8. Looks sweet love the black
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  9. Looks awesome!!
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  10. Yeah.....they're nice bikes.
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  11. Thanks for all the good thoughts (and commiserations...).

    Once I've ridden it a bit more and gotten a few more pics I might just make a showcase. (y)
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  12. Mmmm...black! Does it get any blacker?? Ha! I loves me black too!
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  13. "Hmm, the black is nice. But do you have anything darker?"

    Sweet looking bike. I'm not a big HD fan but that bike will get me into a dealership to at least have a look.
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  14. Mmmm, noice!
  15. So where do you carry the extra oil 3:) and where's the phone mount for calling roadside assist. =D:p

    Just joking, I looked at the Iron, 72 & 48 before I got my Bolt but having had a Virago it was the reliability factor that won me over in the long run. There's an Iron just like yours parked outside my building in Collins Street, had a good look over it, and think they have made some subtle changes since the competition from the Bolt.
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  16. Heh... well we'll see about reliability. I hear that HD had questionable reliability in the 80's or whatever, and some people don't want to let it go. I chose the bike I did because out of the two that fit my requirements, it had better build quality, feel, features and looks in my opinion. Don't much care about brand.

    Definitely the competition from the Bolt has improved the Iron - the 2016 model has upgraded shocks - which was previously a major point of criticism versus the Bolt.

    I hope your Bolt is better than the one I test rode!
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  17. I test rode a standard, but had pre ordered the rspec with the piggy back reservoir shocks. There is a difference between the two, but only being a fairly light rider, not a hugely noticeable for me. The seat on the rspec is definitely more comfy. Have to admit though it was the colour (matte grey) that was the defining factor for me.

    I don't have any problems with the suspension, but there are some that complain.

    Just out of interest how many kms do you get out of a tank. A buddy who used to ride a 1200 sportster was pushing to get 200. I preferred the sporsters out of all the HDs but not being available new I wasn't prepared to buy a second hand one. A lot of them had really low kms.
  18. I love both the Iron 885 and the Sportster 48 1200cc, but the 1200 only has a 7 litre fuel tank! Hence the shorter distance between petrol station fill ups. You should be getting more out of the Iron there. Looks great, man!
  19. I'm not a Harley guy - not even close.
    I struggle to say 'Cruiser'.........

    That said - this bike looks the goods.
    Enjoy her mate. Congrats.

    I know the Wife wants me to give up on the fast/stupid bikes and get something vibey for her 'comfort' (pleasure)

    What can I say - I like wheelies and corners.......
    I can 'comfort' the Wife.
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