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2016 CBR500r in Oz?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kloppy52, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows if the 2016 cbr500r will be coming to oz, the thing looks sick but can't find anything about it coming here...


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  2. Why wouldn't it? Would be one of the better sellers for Honda being a LAM's I would imagine. Probably already on the floor here.
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  3. I've seen a couple of posts made on other motorcycling forums where enquiry responses from Honda have been quoted as saying the new 2016 CBR500R model will reach Australian dealerships this month. Details are thin yet but considering how popular the CB(R)500 series are it is a certainty that it will be released here.
  4. thanks, had a feeling it was like that.
  5. Well there we go (y)
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  6. I contacted the dealer today and he said it should be delivered by May first week.
  7. My word is that a pretty bike. I am looking for a reason to upgrade given the mrs wants a bike. She can have my 300 and I will buy something bigger. The cbr500ra was in my sights as my first bike but went with the smaller ninja. Now I might have an excuse to buy one.
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  8. hahaha it is one good looking bike
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    That orange is sexy. The guy I got my ninja off also owns the local honda dealership. Wonder if he let me test one lol.

    My local dealer says there is still no word on shipment from Honda au. Bike will be $8,600 including all licencing fees.
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  10. Saw one in the flesh at the Honda dealer today. An orange one. Looked sweet
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  11. If I buy one, it will be the orange, but I am going to spend 6mnths on the ninja while the mrs gets her licence and then I can read reviews etc before buying.
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    Hey guys, my local A1 in Melbourne had no exact date from Honda but expect it to arrive early May.
    I after one in Matte Black.
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  13. Update: The bikes have arrived and will be in the showroom next week they reckon!
  14. Brisbane Motorcycles in Caboolture QLD has a black/orange on the sales floor right now
  15. What's different between the 2016 and previous year models?
  16. Yeah, mainly cosmetic.
    I love the aggressive LED lights.