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2016 Aprilia TuonoRR - Wow! A short riders view.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gabriel Johannson, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Hello fellow riders,

    Just wanted to give my impressions on the 2016 Aprilia TuonoRR.

    As I turned the key and watched the dash instrument panel light up the anticipation was electric. Depressing the ignition switch and hearing the roar of the V4 engine and its power was like sitting on a series of dynamite detonations. Mother Mary & Joseph. Fast rapid explosions is the only way I can describe the V4 motor.

    I'm only a short guy (163cm/5"4") and sitting on the bike feeling it burbling away, waiting to be placed into gear, it was akin to sitting on a racehorse waiting to jump out of the gates. You can feel the bike wanting to go. It was cause for pause. I just sat on the bike, enjoying the engine idle. I pushed the bike left to right getting comfy on the seat. Thanks to some work on having the seat shaved down, I sunk lower into the bike than normal. I was more 'part' of the bike & didn't feel as I was sitting 'on-top of the bike' prior to removal of the padding in the seat. My left foot was comfortably positioned 'ball of foot' to ground. I put it into first gear and the bike sensed the change. It was like an animal ready to pounce. I let out the clutch and boom.....we were off.

    It is a wonderfully balanced motorcycle. That was the immediate thing that jumps out when moving around town. The breaking system is great. The back break could be better but that is splitting hairs. The slipper clutch is incredible. No need to go easy on releasing the clutch just drop down the gears as fast as you want the slipper clutch will save you.

    Moving the bike above 7000 rpm is where it comes alive. It's a different bike. Around town moving above 5000 rpm is where it prefers to be in traffic conditions. It seems a happy medium where the bike tolerates slower speeds. Take it outside the city and you won't be wanting to go back home anytime soon. On a highway ride to the Hunter Valley it just eats up the highway. Eats it up. The twisty roads around the Hunter are a happy hunting ground and its like being on rails. Being smaller in stature first thoughts may be one of difficulty to maneuver the bike. That is not the reality. The bike is extremely easy to maneuver. Steering is very light. Staying on point around the curves is a joy and the engine loves to move up & down gears as you progress through the twistiest of roads.

    You have 3 Ride Modes. Track - Sport - Road. Around town it is in Sport mode. The other electronic packages are great & I have not tried them all in anyway to pass comment. The torque is immense. User friendly in every way but in no way does it leave you wondering how much pull it has. Dialing down the assists in the ATC (Aprilia Traction Control) you soon experience how much torque is on offer. Don't be mistaken. If you don't pay respect to this bike you will get hurt (just like any-other bike I guess).

    Overall the bike hates going slow. Hates it. Hates it. It catches anything on the road with no effort. None. It just begs you to twist the throttle more and move up through a gear box that is incredible when used with its quick shifter. The quick shifter on this bike must be used to be believed. It's magical. It's flawless. Hold the throttle open and give the shifter a gentle push up and its flawless. Moving up through the gears using the quick shifter is as close as I'll ever get to MotoGP and the fantasy is easy to imagine. You day dream like your hitting a straight at any of the circuits as you fly down the road.

    The Aprilia TuonoRR is a super-naked bike that gives you more joy than not. It's a powerful bike and fast. Very fast. If you are considering purchasing one I can only encourage you to do so. It's a beast. It's planted to the ground, encourages you to go fast and makes you a better rider than you may already be. It will not disappoint you in any way...it will keep a smile on your face for a long long time.

    I do want to publicly thank Dags from Bikebiz for his support. This isn't fanboy stuff or a paid endorsement. He is professional in every way. Give him a shout if your in the market. Thanks also to the Shocktreatment team for their advice. The only team in Sydney hands down for any suspension question or work (no work done on mine).

    Stand Out Items.
    The Front End. [handling capability]
    Slipper Clutch.
    Quick Shifter.
    The Chassis.
    The Engine.
    It's Electronics package.

    Annoying Items
    Steering Circle.
    Position of the electronic controls.
    Handle Bar Positioning. [a little too low or I may have short arms ;) no real issue].
    Low Speed tolerance (<15KMs isn't great but it seems to get better the longer I have the bike).

    May you all ride well & respect to you all.
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  2. Need some pics!
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  3. I dont know anyone who's ridden one and not been amazed . Congrats mate! And as chillibuttonchillibutton said pics please!
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  4. yep and that's why I bought a Tuono (Factory), also from Bikebiz - itchinitchin has one too, there's a few around here. great write-up, the only amendment I would make are that the modes are Track, Race and Sport. I use Race around town due to the extra engine braking and 'slower' throttle in Sport. I used Track at CSS during the week and dude it goes hard like you would not believe.

    stick a tail tidy on it and that's about all you need. pipes can be done later.

    one of the guys at the store has fitted some Aprilia risers which look stock and lift the bars probably 20-30mm, might have a look into getting these myself.
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  5. This is the kind of shite (amazing review) I do not need to know about!

    Go well mate - love everything about it.
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  6. Hi chilliman64,
    Thanks for the heads up on the raisers. I'll see if I can get at least a full 2cm increase. Glad you enjoyed the review and even better knowing your blasting away on the Factory version. You are not mistaken on the few cosmetic needs the bike requires. I've put tail tidy on and crash knobs. The pipe like you said is something for later.....if at all. Respect to you.

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  7. Hi Mate,
    Glad I made you smile. I don't want to be a 'pusher' but take one for a test ride if you can. Worst case is you won't like it. It is possible. Motorcycles are more emotional attachments than logical. I see you have an MT-09. Awesome bike that. I had the MT-07 before I got the TuonoRR. Respect to you BitSar.
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  8. Hi itchin, (cool tag name btw)
    It's the silver model. Some pics attached. I'll have to find a more appropriate back ground but I'm never that organised to get off the bike to take photos. Respect & ride well.

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  9. #9 chilliman64, Aug 1, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2016
    speak to Kenne in parts, he just fitted the raisers on his Factory - lift of about 15mm, pullback about 30mm, they may have different sizes available I don't know. let me know how you go as I might get some also.

    head over to here for a drool session => Thunderstruck - Tuono Owners Club
  10. Was that a Short review by a rider or a Review by a short rider?
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  11. Nice. Let's call it a review by a short rider who can't keep things succinct.
  12. both I think, OP does say "I'm only a short guy" so maybe the latter :)
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  13. Awesome..

    Are you related to Scarlett? :D
  14. who cares ?
    he has a TUANO
  15. Well....

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  16. And before too...

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  17. well
  18. Fun review...your frothing.
    If your breaks break then what do you use for brakes? Wink, wink.
  19. FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU so jealous. This bike makes me feel funny in my pants

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