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VIC 2015 ZX10 30th Anniversary Edition Stolen

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Matthew Soutter, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. 2015 ZX10 30th Anniversary Edition stolen from Fairfield, Melbourne between 10pm 14th April and 7am 15th April. 7 months old. Rego: 1P1MN Original exhaust replaced with Akropovic

  2. No good, I shall keep my eyes open for it out here in the Yarra Valley.
  3. Colour? Contrary to what was said you can post a pic of the bike if you have one but please provide as much details as possible about the bike.
  4. Won't let me post a picture. The bike is in my avatar. Additional details: VIN: JKAZXCK1XFA012065
    Engine No: ZXT00JE018674
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  5. Thats no good mate, sadly it will probably be in parts now but will keep an eye out for any "cheap" ZX1OR parts. Hope you catch the mongrels.
  6. Do you have a Facebook post link?
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    Just an added note, it has the smallest chip of paint off the tank right next to the fuel cap. Probably the size of an ant, but it is visible if you look.

    As of today information has come to light that this may be an oppurtunistic theft rather than a planned theft to rip it to pieces and sell the parts. So i'm still hopeful the thieves are going to be stupid enough to change the plates and ride it themselves or something of the like.
  8. Sad mate. Like freakin kidnapping a family member.