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2015 Yamaha TMAX 530 Iron Max edition

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lumoto, Aug 27, 2015.

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    I'll update this further as I get some seat time... but I took delivery today of a TMAX 530 which I ordered immediately after getting my learner's bike licence.


    I was looking at several bikes before deciding on the TMAX 530. My first issue was that there were really none to be seen anywhere at all. No dealer stocked one on their showroom floor so I couldn't see it in person let alone ride it. And they are next to non-existent on the streets. The dealer said he'd sold around 3 TMAX 530s in the last year to people up and down the northern NSW up to Sunshine coast but knew of no owners in Brisbane. When he inquired with Yamaha Australia he was told only 6 Iron Max versions had made it to Australia in the last 6 months and that it was unlikely that any more would. I decided to put in an order anyway and after a week I was told that the next container would contain my bike but that would be up to three months away for delivery.

    To give you an idea of my tastes I had ordered a Tesla S 2 years ago and now drive a Lexus hybrid. I inquired with Zero Motorcycles and the Gold Coast distributor had none in stock and really had no clue. I left my number with them and got no calls back. The cheapest viable option was around $23k anyhow.

    By this point I was strongly considering the Yamaha MT-07 LAMS. And that's when I found the TMAX on Yamaha's website and it really seemed to be the thing I was looking for. When I discovered it was Europe's best selling maxi-scooter and started reading reviews / watching Youtube I was convinced it was what I wanted. So I dropped a deposit down at the dealer. On Monday I got the call and today it's home!

    I know it's not every rider's cup of tea but the TMAX is in a different league to most scooters. I'm looking forward to posting more on it once I get it outside.

    In Iron Max guise it looks fantastic. The "Liquid Darkness" paint job really is like nothing I have seen before. It's matte and yet it has a metallic flake like shine which changes in different lighting. Very nice. The gold touches are neither here nor there for me but definitely don't look out of place. When you're sitting on the seat it's small - just like any other scooter in terms of comfort. No back aching leaning - very upright - for my height of 185cm everything is in place. The forward foot plates have less side support but work.

    I'm really waiting for the weekend to be able to take it out for the first time and will post further impressions then.


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  2. Nice!!! was on my shortlist to upgrade from my Aprilia SR 300 Max - but I ended up going for the MT-03 instead.

    Happy riding!!!!
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  3. After watching this video, i can kinda see why you'd want one...

    Ride safe!
  4. Not my cup of tea, but those things are rarer than H2 Ninja. Pretty exclusive and shiny piece of machinery you've got there.
  5. I did watch alot of Youtube reviews of it before making a final decision. There are even some local reviews like this one...

  6. Packing some serious brakes and USD forks there. Looks straight of a R6
  7. Had my first ride today after getting home. I was going to leave it till tomorrow but it has been showering in Brisbane and he afternoon was sunny and my wife suggested I go out and try it saying it might rain all weekend for all we know.

    With a little trepidation I donned my Aldi jeans and my jacket. Put on boots and popped the boot/seat and put my helmet and gloves in. Shut the seat and grasped the handlebars and put my right foot against the centre stand and rocked the bike forward and suddenly I was in control of 222kg of TMAX.

    I wheeled it out of the garage. Switched it on and took it down the driveway. Here is where my first problem lay. My driveway is an angled kerb and I feared I would scrape just going down so I noticed (for the first time) that my neighbour has a flush driveway with the road so I angled the bike towards it. Put the sidestand down and let it rest while I popped open the seat put on my helmet and gloves and finally put the leg over. Sidestand up, brake on and started her up.

    It was about 4:41 pm exactly on the TMAX clock and it had 2km on the ODO.

    I set out towards the neighbours driveway and got my feet up, on the road and I was finally riding it! It all was very natural. The freedom from clutch and gears made it trivial to ride actually. I did a couple of laps of the crescent here and then indicated to set out onto some of the local streets. Traffic was very mild and I practiced indicating to turn and cancelling indicator. Went left and right on roundabouts. Came back to the crescent and was really enjoying the countersteering I was getting around the bends - push right and it immediately went right. Felt amazing and natural.

    Then I set out to the hilly areas of the estate and went up the hill looking at the setting sun. Had a beginner moment with a hill start with a little slip backwards. Then turned right to a steeper down hill and realised the sun was getting me right in the eye. While I braked I again had a novice moment with a blip of the throttle but it was all good.

    I realised it was 5pm and the sun was getting in my eyes and I thought I'd end the ride soon so rode back home, up the neighbours driveway and up mine into the garage with a little stop start hesitation because of throttle control. Stopped the bike and did a 8 or nine point turn and put the bike back onto its centre stand.

    Stored the helmet and gloves under the seat. Switched the bike back to ON to see it was 5:05 pm and the odometer had 12km on it.

    I got up higher than the 50km allowed in the streets but only hit around 65 on a straight or two. The acceleration is smooth. The brakes are excellent with no snatchiness at all and the natural engine braking with throttle off meant I didnt have to be very hard on the brakes at all.

    I did notice at the top of the hill there was a baking odour like off new hotplates and think this is just the normal breaking in process of the new engine and components.

    After getting inside all I can think about is the next ride. The sun was low and I didnt get a chance to take any outside photos but my wife took a short video of me leaving for posterity.

    It all felt very natural in the end. I made sure to stay vigilant, look where I go, check every intersection I passed etc. all the good roadcraft one does as a driver also. To say it was awesome is not even close to describing it. My first independent road ride and the TMAX really made it easy. I had been so nervous about handling the 222kg etc but it was pretty good in the end.

    Can't wait till next time.
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  8. Nothing like a new bike, and you'll have heaps of fun on that T Max. It is a serious weapon, and I've heard of amazing exploits of T Max pilots on the Putty Road.

    Your choice is better than a Tesla, because refueling on a country ride is a lot easier than recharging, opening up a much bigger horizon.

    As I found when I got a 250 Burgman, each ride in the first week got easier and more natural.

    Having both, bikes and scooters, I have discovered how much underrated fun scooters can be. Different rides, yes, but equally fun. And our Burgie is so much more versatile for Burb work than my Ducatis. No packs, racks or luggage required.

    Awesome indeed.

    PS I also got some bike gear from Aldi - leather pants, gloves, bike socks and thermal layers, and I am really happy with the quality. I also like their chocolate, but remain indifferent to their other offerings.
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  9. It was an amazing afternoon and I decided I would take the TMAX out for another ride. The tank had only one bar of fuel left so I thought I'd use the opportunity of a ride to get my first petrol too.

    My first and only ride so far was on Friday afternoon for about 30 mins and covered only 10 km of local street riding.

    Today I set my target as a local industrial area or two and planned how to get there and then from there to a local petrol station and then back home.

    I felt way more confident taking her off the centre stand and getting her out the garage and riding off. I headed out to the nearest intersection and rode down the local feeder street out to the industrial area and after a few km got to the intersection and turned into the area. It was dead quiet except the odd car and one other motorcyclist who was also quite a new rider based on how new everything looked on him. I didn't see his bike exactly but it looked like a Honda CBR 500.

    I started by doing the roundabouts sequentially turning left into each section at the end of which was a dead end one way U-turn style roundabout that I had to do a 180 going right.

    This area is fantastic for practice and I then went right at each roundabout. There are several long straights and I kept the revs under 4k like the handbook recommends and this was what the engine wanted to go at anyway with the CVT.

    After about half an hour there and after practicing a few U turns from stand still I headed out of there and to a local petrol station. I must have looked so ridiculous as I didn't know whether I could keep my helmet on or not to go in the shop so I took it off. Gloves off obviously and then I got the cap off the fuel tank and filled up ever so slowly not wanting to spill petrol everywhere. Then putting the damned cap back on - anyone watching could have seen it was my first go at this!

    Then onto tyres. The front wheel has a 90 degree valve so no issues there. But the rear! It's short and the automatic tyre thingy wouldn't fit in the space! The hub has some holes that go through but I didn't want to stick the tube in only to find it was the wrong thing to do. I couldn't figure this out so I left the rear tyre - and it was the more important one that needed a few more psi for my weight.

    I'll have to ring the dealer perhaps unless anyone knows the answer to the problem there with getting the air in.

    Anyhow finally did up my helmet and gloves back on and back out there - another small commercial area that has little traffic - and the new 95 fuel seemed to have given the bike a bit of a pep. It felt more responsive and I really enjoyed the few laps I did here first clockwise then anticlockwise.

    Then set out and went over my first rail crossing to arrive back at the feeder road from before. Explored some of the side roads near the Brisbane river before getting back on the road and riding a few k's home.

    Total of 40km or so over one and a quarter hours (15mins or so was at the servo) and now have a full tank of petrol. Still need to sort out the rear tyre later but wow - it was really good and I can feel I'm getting better. Leaning more, better throttle control. Massive improvements for me and I think if do this a dozen or more times I'll be ready to start using the road a bit more confidently.

    A couple of pics.....


    Still have a fair way to go with the tyres...

  10. Hi, I am a new member but have been riding scooters around Brisbane in the last few years after decades off two wheels. I tried a few of the mid sized ones and ended up with a Honda Silverwing. I think it is about in the same class as the Tmax. Once you get used to it the performance is quite surprising. And to an old guy so much more comfortable than a motorbike. You will easily keep up with anything on the road; considering the speed limits. And from a standing start I found that the CVT transmission beats nearly everything off the line.
    Not many maxi scooters around here; I will keep an eye out for you on your new Yamaha.

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  11. Yup, fruechtel, I'm finding the same thing, to the point of I can now imagine life without a bike, and with a scooter. After the revelation of enjoyment from recently getting a Burgman 250, I agree whole-heartedly. Scooters are a lot more varied and sophisticated now, and there are such good choices on the market. It's not just comfort, but fun factor in abundance.

    Lemme see... replace 900SS with Aprillia SRV 850 scoot. (Thinks... Hmmmm)
  12. Scooters ...

    J/k congrats on the new ride. :D

    Besides, to me these maxi-scoots are almost mini-tourers, I'm half considering persuading my missus onto one so we can go places together with a decent amount of luggage.

  13. Yes the Aprilia SRV 850 sounds like a ripper of a scooter. But I think like it's little brother the SMax 300 it is not what I am looking for in a scooter. More like a motorcycle dressed up as a scooter. No more step through thanks to the big wheels and I don't think it would be as comfy as my Silverwing or a Burgman. And in a country where you can't ride any faster than 110km/h even on a multi lane highway; what is the need for the extra speed, when you can do more than 170 km/h already?
  14. Two rides since the last and most recent today.

    Given the gentle break in period, I'm probably giving this the gentlest break-in in history :)

    Up to 96km on the odometer now. The morning rain in Brisbane cleared to a sunny afternoon that turned surprisingly windy all of a sudden. I wore my night helmet to break it in also. Its a Shoei Neotec without pinlock and it's definitely a bit noisier than the Schuberth even allowing for the wind.

    The wind was surprisingly strong and the gusts on a straight section of road was enough to wiggle my steering course around a bit. The TMAX didnt feel perturbed and still felt very stable despite the buffeting from wind. I'm glad I lifted the windscreen up to the higher level but I realised why everyone talks about ear plugs. I bought a pack of 80 disposable 3M plugs and a reusable one immediately after the ride.

    I'm way more confident with the throttle response now and every km brings on a perception of better performance from the engine. It's very sweet and smooth right from the start.

    I was also brave enough to go one legged when I came to a stop with my left foot flat on the ground rather than tip toe ball of feet with feet hanging either side. Makes one feel more like a motorcycle too. And its very comfortable to do so. The weight of the machine is definitely getting easier to handle. I'm maneuvring it all the way up and down the driveway without worrying about an inadvertent drop. On and off centre stand is no problem. I remember virtually shitting myself the first day moving it around.

    Cornering was great, counter steering still awesome. Brakes are phenomenally good and confidence inspiring. Havent taken it to ABS activation but one never feels as if the brakes will be anything but reliable. I'm trying to get into the habit of using just two fingers and covering brakes at intersections and so on.

    I park the machine and the instant I get inside I'm thinking about getting back out there. It's just the best feeling ever.
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  15. Crappy ride today in that I probably should have stayed home after an already tiring day. Crappy in that there wasn't many opportunities to learn anything new since it was getting darker but I went into traffic in peak hour to try it out and it went OK.

    Got outside and decided to try and get the engine noise but given it was not on centre stand and still in run-in period I couldn't really give it a good rev. And the recorder is just my iPhone so not greatest quality. Gives an idea of the Akrapovic.

    I'll try and get a better recording when the engine is run in and I have more time.

  16. Got up early this morning and it was a beautiful Spring day so I decided to take my first longer ride. A 24km round trip to Wynnum.

    I hadn't gone at 80km/h for any length of time but the several km straight into Wynnum was very nice and the TMAX felt planted all the way. My throttle control has improved greatly from when I first rode it obviously and it was great to finally ride it like it was meant to be.

    I caught some riders going the opposite way but was just too focussed on the road to really even see what bikes they were riding etc. No big errors etc but on one takeoff the car in front hesitated and I had to briefly put my right foot down before taking off again.

    The suspension of the TMAX had seemed stiff and unforgiving on even little bumps when I started but I've realised that was because I was way too rigid on the handlebars when starting. With relaxed arms and body it took all the bumps without any dramas at all. In fact I would dare to say it was soft and comfortable.

    I stopped briefly at the canoe ramp for a quick piccy and then set back home in order to make sure I was fresh and hydrated for the journey home. No sense in pushing it too far too quickly.

    image. image. image.
  17. I'm back!

    Been back almost two weeks and have dropped in to read the forum a few times but very busy so no chance to really post yet.

    Odometer is on about 490km now and I've been riding the TMAX as a commuter which I really uad never planned to do. With the storage compartment it easily swallows my laptop bag and other items.

    I'm filtering through traffic now. Turns are a lot more easy as I look through curves etc and my speed has gone up round corners.

    With the increase in speed and easing of concentration from more mundane things I realised this week that the terrible wind noise in my helmet despite ear plugs wasn't normal.

    I mean I rode a 125 at 60km+ and never got this "boom, boom, boom, roaring" wind noise over about 60-70km/hr. My head was reeling after 23km rides and I honestly knew something was wrong. I'd raised the windscreen so I tried lowering to standard and while that helped I was still getting the terrible pounding noise.

    So I ordered a Yamaha sport windscreen after reading about turbulence and buffeting from windscreens and low pressure zones behind them etc. installed it yesterday and today was a dream ride.

    Suddenly my chest was getting the wind coming in and my jacket which I'd gotten used to not doing up all the way became a parachute and my head was breezing through the clean wind with a gentle white noise from the earplugs. No booming or pounding.

    Ideally I'd like to get something that works properly directing over my helmet but the sportscreen is a compromise I'm willing to live with and get used to.

    Will post new pics of the sport windscreen on the weekend when I get a chance.

    PS: is it normal to get a fuel smell in your garage after parking your bike? I get this for a few hours till the engine cools. Is it just the hot engine vapourising some fuel? Is it running too rich? I'm going to get the dealer to check at the first oil change.
  18. On most maxi scooters the OEM windscreens are not the best and there is a good range of Givi windscreens available for almost any model scooter. I had a tall Givi screen on the Honda Forza and have one on my Honda Silverwing now. Works a treat! Unfortunately those are not always readily available in Oz. I have ordered a few from Europe and they are a lot cheaper with postage.
  19. Comprehensive review, and great pictures!!!!!