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VIC 2015 Yamaha R3

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by SouthernCross, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Stolen Yamaha R3
    Hi sorry can someone please give me some advice.
    I went away for 2 weeks and left my bike at my girlfriend's house during that time it was stolen. Upon my recent return and a little bit of research I've actually managed to locate my bike.
    I contacted police to help retrieve it and as I know the location the Police will not take a stolen bike report nor help me retrieve the bike!!!!!
    I don't know who these people are or what they are capable of
    I don't know what to do as surely the police do not expect a 5 foot tall slim women to enter a caravan park and on her own!!
    Can anyone please give me some advice as what to.do???

  2. What bullshit is that? Of course they will take a stolen bike report!
    Go right back to the police and make the report!

    Your other option it to take a baseball bat and go crack heads, with all the risk and consequences that might bring.
  3. go straight back to the police station and ask to speak to most senior person on duty. be rational dont swear ask for their help.
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  4. That sucks. Go back to the cops, and as Jttt says, ask for someone senior.
  5. I had the same thing happen years ago with a car. I had the keys and went around and drove it home.
  6. Report it stolen and give them no more info, once the report is filed tell them you may have seen it in xxx location a few days later...sorted.
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  7. Victoria Police - Compliments and Complaints

    To make a complaint about a communication or customer service issue, you are encouraged to contact your nearest police station or the police station the officer is from, in person, by telephone or in writing. Contact your Local Police Station. Depending on the issues you raise, local police may be able to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction or it may require further investigation.

    If you consider the matter to be of a serious nature such as excessive or unreasonable use of force, dishonesty, threats or harassment or unlawful arrest, or you would prefer to make your complaint to the Police Conduct Unit, a complaint can be made personally or through an advocate:

    • by telephone or in person to any police station, who will forward the complaint to the Police Conduct Unit
    • by completing the online complaint form, or if you are unable to submit your complaint online, please download and complete the Compliments and Complaints Form (PDF).
    • by calling the Police Conduct Unit on 1300 363 101 or
    • in writing to:
    Police Conduct Unit
    GPO Box 913
    Melbourne Vic 3001
    E-mail: Police Compliments and Complaints
  8. tell the police you saw someone from that address speeding - they'll be right over
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  9. The Police need to act in this regard so as suggested above go back and make a stolen vehicle report and be insistent. The vehicle was stolen and the fact that you have spotted it nearby just makes their job easier. If you don't get a response then take the Gunnisan suggested path of a formal complaint. You should not be expected to go in vigilante style with guns a blazing to retrieve your own property. It is placing yourself in danger and the police would condemn such an act.
  10. On face value you need to go back to the police and see the most senior member calmly and talk rationally with them.

    I have a couple of questions for you though?

    Do you know the people who took it?

    How did you find it?

    I'm sorry if I'm completely wrong but to me it seems very strange the police not taking a report unless there was extenuating circumstances.
  11. There is more to this story...
    Police will not simply turn away the owner of a vehicle wishing to report it stolen, whereabouts known or otherwise.
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  12. Hmmmm, I had the same thing a few years ago.
    Reported my bike stolen and within 8 hours found out who took it.
    The police did not follow up, ever.
    Insurance paid out.
    I complained and was told that the file had gone to the vehicular crimes squad as part of a larger investigation.

    Having said that take the above advice, go back and speak to a senior officer.
  13. Shame your not in syd, I'd get the thing back for u. I've got some friends in low places
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  14. Any luck recovering your bike southern cross?
  15. Jesus. And the police force wonder why so many people have a problem with them. "Oh, you know where your bike is? Someone stole it and has it at their place? Yeaaahhhh your responsibility there, what do you want us to do about it?"

    The cops that could be investigating this are out there right now booking people for going 4km/h over the speed limit.

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  16. I'm tipping there's more to it than we've heard...
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  17. Yes maybe so, the OP has not been back on the forum since the initial post so may be a troll.
  18. agreed, or maybe they tried to get it back :eek:
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. So hot.