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2015 Yamaha R15

Average User Rating:
  1. Sweet looking ride :)
  2. Nice looking bike ! Is that the 2015 special edition ?
    i have the 2014 spec edition with the gold badging and trim
  3. Yeah it's the 2015 special edition
  4. Very nice ! Gotta love the yammy,s in blu/white ! Enjoy !
  5. It is a great looking bike. Stands out everywhere I go
  6. Any comments for commuting around town <80km/hr?
  7. I use mine for running to work and back home during the week , mostly 70 -80 k zones and goes great, can still overtake traffic without issue too.
  8. That's good news! I only planning to use the motorbike just to go to work and back. Thanks :)