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2015 Yamaha mt09 Tracer

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  1. jord4231 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    2015 Yamaha mt09 Tracer

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  2. how much did it set you back?
    I am thinking of buying one
    retail at 15,000 + ORC

    IT LOOKS REALLy nice
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  3. Looks like a good setup.
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  4. I love this bike too - really, really quick and powerful - we have one the same, which I ran in myself and I think that Yam have ironed out the wrinkles from last year's MT-09. Customers seem happy too. The panniers look good - but we found that you really need to use those waterproof liners for a downpour. The throttle is smoother and the handling is excellent - I'm 6'2" and I ride it on the lower seat setting to stay out the wind a bit. For the money it is outstanding, I reckon. A dealer told me recently that in the last 2 months, this bike was the top seller here in UK - outselling the 1200 GS
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  5. Thanks yep do it! I paid 15,200 including the second 12v outlet and heated grips
  6. Also would like to show off my home built windscreen,I went down to bunnings brought some tinted plexiglass and built my own. Looks prity good for a home job and works well

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  7. Very tidy.
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  8. What an awesome job! Looks fantastic
  9. A few months on, what are your likes/dislikes with the Tracer? Did you change much? What are your opinions on power, handling, etc. Has is lived up to your expectations and what else did you test ride (if any) before you bought it?

    It seems a great, well-priced package, I hope you're enjoying it,

  10. Hi Everyone,

    Firstly thanks for the sharing all your information on the Tracer, I appreciate it and it helped in my research of this bike.

    Long time member but haven't posted for some time. Anyway, I have just purchased a MT09-Tracer and ridden him home to Sydney from SA.
    Coming off a Blackbird, am I impressed with the package Mr Yamaha has put together for a mid-sized tourer....ABSOLUTELY!!

    I've done a bit of a ride report, if you are interested....click on the link http://www.kimmiekares.com.au/

    Since the report, Karl has also backed of the preload & damping front and rear to the factory soft and we'll work on getting it sorted me over the coming weeks.

    Hope you enjoy!
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  11. Glad you're enjoying Dudley Kim, and thanks for sharing the write up, a great read. Hope the new toy gives you many thousands of happy kms together.
  12. I'm sure he will Ned. Thanks.
  13. Enjoy the ride, Keep going... Cheers